After Show: Kordell Stewart Is On the Phone!

Ring! Ring!

Wendy dishes about her interview with Porsha Stewart and reveals what Kordell Stewart had to say when he called her after today’s show!

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  1. bettie pearson says:

    bettie pearson I would like to play your thanksgiving game but I do not have facebook or ewitter

  2. carmeldipped1 . says:

    side bar has after show video, she doesn’t say what he says though, he claims he wants to tell his side of the story…WHAAAAT

  3. Nadean says:

    Where’s the After Show video? It keeps playing Porsha’s interview. :(

  4. Gezelle says:

    Wendy, today’s wig was NICE! xox

  5. teresa says:

    what happened to our after show?????