Oprah’s Yard Sale!

Hot Topics.

Oprah’s having a yard sale and Wendy can’t wait to pick up something touched by Queen O!

Then, Kris Jenner speaks out about her separation from Bruce and Wendy has shocking details about Ramona Singer’s husband’s alleged infidelity.

Find out Wendy’s take on the latest Hot Topics!

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  1. northwest says:

    wendy williams is a bully show!

  2. Sara says:

    Wendy makes a lot of comments about stars that are sometimes spoken from ignorance. Once , she spoke of Jessica biel, and how she hadn’t done much, and taylor swift not as famous before Kanye??? Why do you think that she was up there on stage for ??? Also, idol should give up, because Mariah didn’t bring it, who can??? She even said before , that Mariah was boring. And do you know who Harry connick jr. Is??????? You need to look this talent up. Just because you don’t appreciate who these people are, doesn’t mean that your opinion is correct. He, is way more talented, connected , and longer in the business than you! You need to check out his earliest performances at 4 or 5 years old. Is Jennifer Lopez more watchable than Mariah???? Yes !!!!!! Check these people out before you open your mouth, because , you are wrong, so much of the time. Still a fan. Plus, I love Oprah..