The Gorgas Secret to a Happy Marriage!

Happily ever after.

Melissa Gorga opens up about the current state of her relationship with Teresa Giudice and reveals if she think she’ll be called to testify in Teresa & Joe’s trial for various fraud and tax crimes.

Then, Joe Gorga joins his wife and reveals the secret to their happy marriage and sets the record straight about his controversial comments when it comes to having sex.

Plus, find out the one thing that Joe has never seen Melissa do!

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  1. myrna says:

    Id love if he watched me pee LOL.. Or anything else for that matter!!!! LOL

  2. myrna says:

    I loved Joe! Hes sooo sexy!

  3. Who's gonna do my hair? says:

    I just couldn’t keep looking at these two idiots!

  4. Barry says:

    Wendy Williams and Staff: lol

    I know you can’t ask about all the behind the scenes stuff like Penny’s blogs that Bravo had their lawyers take down because they reveal all of the editing voice dubbing and fake scenes (by the way.. On faux reality blog they are now under a tab called Penelope Pitstop in which she is writing her blogs under fake names so she can’t get used but they reveal a lot) .. Also Kim D writes her blogs on Facebook..juicy stuff. let’s just go through what this season has been minus all the other disgusting seasons that attack Teresa or what they do off camera

    1. You never addressed the fact that Lauren Manzo said in the show that Teresa’s kids were raised by wolves. If Teresa ever said this about anyone’s kids you would be all over it.

    2. Penny’s connection to Melissa is not through Teresa. The whole cast has pictures individually with Penny from years ago at Kim D store and other appearances. Penny is friends with Melissa’s ex, Kim d, and Jan…. This is not just through teresa

    3. Let’s just say we believe what Penny is saying when she supposedly blames Teresa. Does this mean we also believe Penny when she says Melissa did used to strip and cheat. Why are they focusing on who is listening to the rumors instead of talking to the source? Her ex on twitter and other exes ..just look at amazon discussion forum for her book. So many lies and contradictions in her book about her life like dates, timelines, people in her life. Etc deflection is the game

    4. Notice Joe admits penny’s knows personal things but won’t admit what.. He will never confront her ex

    5. Why did nobody say anything about the real rumor starter? Melissa and Joe are the only caste members to spread an actual rumor in camera.. About their own family. Melissa was caught in camera saying joe cheats and doesn’t love her and Teresa’s brother said nothing

    6. Danielle Staub and both melissa have admitted on tv that melissa was trying to get on the show by meeting with Danielle to give her personal info about teresa on camera. What kind of family does that. Just watch Danielle Staub interview on WWHL

    7. Melissa’s sisters talk so much crap about teresa on twitter which prevents everyone from healing

    8. Look at faux reality blog under Penelope Pitstop, look at fame whorgas website which right now removed some blogs for personal reasons but has dirt on all of them

    9. Melissa should have joined American idol and Kathy could have joined cupcake wars on a cooking channel .. But no. They joined a show they could get on by promising to bring family drama to the star of the show. Disgusting ..say what u will about teresa. She wants her family, her old school Italian name, and everyone to have a good image. She would never throw a gorga, melissa under the bus and make the family look bad. This is not the way of her old school thinking