NeNe Leakes is “The New Normal”

It Only Happens Here.

Reality star turned Hollywood diva, NeNe Leakes, always says it like she means it.

Find out why NeNe was originally concerned when she first read for the part of Rocky on “The New Normal.”

Then, we play “Fave Five” with NeNe. You’ll never guess who her favorite co-star is and what her favorite quality is in a man.

Plus, NeNe tells us her favorite “Nene-isms!”

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  1. LaRhonda says:

    I love NE NE but check out REEL WOMEN OF ST LOUIS BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Emma Dean says:

    She is trying to talk about Kim but she got to think about herself she no angels NeNe is a hater but she is going to meet her match believe it!!

  3. deehollywood says:

    Wasn’t Nene on for 2 segments MIss Wendy? Sadly my DVR decided to act up during the recording, so I hoping to find her entire interview (not a partial) online. :(

  4. Karen Owens says:

    Wendy! How you doin? I love your show always. Just want to make a comment about NeNe Leakes,I think that NeNe is the most fake a$$ housewives in atlanta of all the ladies she have really let fame went to her little a$$ head, she say close your legs to married men My oh my how soon we forget our pass when a little money is in our face!

  5. Fleiza says:

    WOW! I love Wendy’s hair today.

  6. Meemee says:

    Today on your show Tuesday,10/02/2012, NeNe Leakes said one of her “NeNe isms”, was CLOSE YOUR LEGS TO MARRIED MEN. Wendy, didn’t she use to be a stripper OPENING HER LEGS TO MARRIED MEN ? (alledgently?