Wendy’s “FEEL IT” Music Video

Wendy’s “FEEL IT” Music Video


Can you FEEL IT?

When Wendy first started this show, she wanted it to be a place where we could have fun, spill the tea, feel good, share a few laughs and escape from our everyday lives for just an hour each day. She also wanted a theme song to embody that same fun and energetic feeling!

Today on the show, Wendy debuted her new “FEEL IT” music video that she shot earlier this summer in Central Park. The video includes a dance re-mix version of our theme song!

Check out the video on YouTube and make sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also download a dance re-mix version of our show theme song on iTunes!

An all new season of “Wendy” starts on Monday, September 16! Can you FEEL IT?