Happy Birthday Wendy!

They say it’s your birthday!

It’s Wendy’s 49th birthday!

Leave your birthday wishes for the birthday girl in the comment section below!

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  1. Chantra J says:

    How you doin’ Wendy? Happy Birthday!!! God bless you, your family, and the show. Keep the good work coming! And by the way, I love the braid!!

  2. Richard says:

    Happy and Healthy Birthday. Hope u had a great one.

    Love, Richard

  3. Beverley Harris says:

    Love you and your show and I hope your bday was great and I want to see you in those shorts Susan gave you today (how you doin’). No one keeps it real the way you do, that is what I love about you. I have always believed in saying it like you mean it.

    I wanted to visit your show while I was living in NY but sadly, when I got time off to come, Hurricane Sandy displaced me and I had to leave and move back to Ohio (without my Diva fan). I was really going to give the fan to my mom…..she loves you too! The show comes on twice a day here in Columbus and I usually watch both times, especially if I miss something. Take care, have a great bday and keep doin’ it.

    Beverley Harris

  4. diane says:

    In California, my eldest son and grand daughter also has birthdays 16 and 17 and a special birthday to a wonderful blessed person, Wendy. I watch you because you make my night I work swing and look forward to getting uplifted by your creativity and wonderful show.

    My son a college graduate surprised me with a rebuilt car. My current one is so raggedy. He gave me a gift he fixed for me because he has a big heart. But it is his birthday not mine.

    He like you are always trying to help others. He is one of four which I am a proud Mom of all of them. I actually cried due to shock but happiness receiving the car.

    I have been laid off in my profession for a long time working a job to get by and helping take care of grand-kids while my daughter and her husband work. My daughter has returned to college and work full time.

    I hope my niece come by your show she moved to NY to find a photography job she is following her passion. She is doing fine so far.

    Take care I appreciate your show and spirit.

    Diane Osagie

    ebonysix on twitter


  5. Angel says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy!! 49 looks good on you!! An that wig is beautiful on you…

  6. Trish says:

    HOW U DOIN?! It’s ya Birthday Wendy & I want to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So grateful that God gave you another year and your fans another year of your inspiration!!! I love you Wendy!!!! Enjoy your day :-)

  7. jane says:

    have a very great day thanks for staying current it’s refreshing and positive and influential and i love you for that too

  8. Veronica Lott says:

    Happy bday wendy its my bday too. Hope you have a fab day..*smoochez

  9. Jackie Johnson says:

    HBD Wendy…looking good girl!!!

  10. Janie Lane says:

    Happy BDay!! Hope your day is as wonderful as you! XO

  11. myrna says:

    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to Wendy happy birthday to you!!!!!!

  12. Juanita Allen Williams says:

    Happy★birthday★Wendy!★ How u doin’? Love you in Vegas by way of Detroit! ★

  13. Aaron Meyer says:

    Happy Birthday Wendy! HOW YOU DOIN? I really like watching your show very much. I hope you have a Happy Birthday today. I really love it when you are talking about your Hot Topics and when NeNe Leakes comes on to the show. You always have a Shoe Cam when certain people come on. And when Ask Wendy comes on, I always take down the questions from your studio audience. I heard you have copies of your Ask Wendy book. I would like a copy of your book as well as one of your Wendy Williams mugs. I would really appreciate it.

  14. Nancy Arce-Waller says:

    Feliz 49th Cumpleanos Wendy, Como Estas? Enjoy your day and continued success on Chicago, xoxo!