After Show: Wendy’s Weight Loss Secrets!

Diet Tips!

Wendy shares her weight loss secrets and reveals how she lost over 20 pounds.

Then, find out what Wendy’s favorite perk is about having her own talk show and when she can finally make her BIG announcement.

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  1. Wes says:

    OMG, you go Mrs. Williams you are doin it, yes.

  2. Eyes2see says:

    Congratulations, but let’s keep it on the real Wendy. You’ve never been one to exercise and have formerly always changed your body with surgery. No exception now. You’ve obviously gotten a lap band or some other type of gastric surgery because your weight loss is extreme and it is all over. You’ve lost WAY more than 20 lbs, but that’s all you admit to else everyone will know you had surgery. #wendynotfoolinganyone

  3. Nixa Hicks says:

    Where do you buy your wigs, please share you look great!

  4. Nixa Hicks says:

    Where do you get your wigs