Tatyana Ali on One Night Stands and Drake!


Tatyana Ali recently celebrated her birthday and Drake came to her party. Have they ever hooked up?

Plus, Tatyana clarifies what she really meant when she told the HuffingtonPost.com that she likes one night stands.

Then, find out what it was like behind the scenes when the first Aunt Viv on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” got fired.

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  1. dollyspleasure says:

    tatyana is a rich freak….she know she be getting that thing right for Drake…we all know those college girls do whatever in the bed and they love them badd boys…tatyana is a FREAK!!!!!!!

  2. disqus_pW9KrxPDLH says:

    too bad I didn’t get tickets for this viewing! LOVE HER!!!!

  3. Mother Of Six says:

    Janet Hubert definitely played the “Aunt Viv” character better than Daphnae Reed, however, in all of the years since Ms. Hubert left the show, she’s been trying to “clear her good name” and she still seems extremely bitter and her behavior, irratic. To harbor so much disdainment for Ms. Williams, she certainly knows an awful lot about her and the show, which means she watches…often! In her open letter, she made several negative comments, but apparently, Ms. Williams’ format is successful. Finally, considering the fact that Tatiyana Ali has been on the show before, we know that she knows Ms. Williams’ character and the types of questions she asks, so there should have been no surprise.

  4. Better safe than sorry says:

    Well things like AIDS,herpes,syphilis and other STDs say other ways.oh yea and their is also pregnancy.their are no 100% effective birth controls or Std preventions, and when you have sex with a person you don’t know you put yourself at risk.and your safety as well 30 min. Of fun is not your LIFE.

  5. Pick6 says:

    This isn’t a children’s show, honey. Plus, if a GROWN woman wants to have a one night stand then that’s her business. That doesn’t mean the woman is a whore, or has low standards. If she loves sex, and she meets a guy that could potentially be satisfying to her, then why the hell shouldn’t two consenting adults bang it out for one night. Hit and quit. No strings attached. No drama that sometimes comes with striking a relationship. You also say, “that is what’s wrong with the world today.” Well, honey, I am here to tell you that one night stands didn’t just begin yesterday. That’s been going on since the dawn of mankind. I respect your opinion, but please don’t call women that enjoy a nice, spontaneous, NSA night with a man is beneath you.

  6. Thomasa says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the question that Wendy asked about Aunt Vive and I think Tatyana handled it perfectly. Why does Janet Hubert care so much???

  7. wha de aa Taty waz dah 1 lol How yuh doing meh Panadadian Princess miss you boo

  8. MD Richard says:

    Firstly, what makes u think anyone remembers, or cares about who u are. From your open letter, you have little class, and obviously feel threatened, so you are obviously, terribly afraid secrets will come out. Oprah is a has-been, yesterday’s news. Calling people names and belittling them from your end, to the public shows a large ignorance on your part. I LOVE Wendy Williams, and she has more class and eloquence, than you or Oprah. Why would she want to be someone else than her own fabulous sense, that makes us feel like her best friend. That show is our hour every night, to enjoy, laugh, and thank God for Wendy Williams. Go get therapy…leave Wendy alone…

  9. Shadiyah says:

    I totally disagree with Wendy saying “there is nothing wrong with a one night stand”. That is not something I would want my child to watch or even hear a woman say because real women and ladies SHOULD NOT have one night stands. As a woman you should hold yourself at a higher standpoint and expect more from yourself and know your worth as a woman and that means, knowing you are worth more than just “a one night stand”. That is what’s wrong with the world today listening to ignorance such as this coming from a woman.

  10. Mo Diva says:

    Ok So I read the letter first then just saw this clip I am a huge fan of Wendy and I would tell it like it is if Wendy was wrong. Wendy you were not wrong for asking the question to Tatiana about the departure of the old Vivian I just think Janet is a coo coo bird who needs attention! How You Doin!!! Love you you Wendy!!!!

  11. Ms Skarlet says:

    Hey Wendy, i recently seen bits and pieces of the letter that Ms Hubert wrote to you and I just wanted to let her know that WENDY WILLIAMS IS WENDY WILLIAMS. I dont believe that you were or are ever trying to be anyone. The fact that you have viwers and your own audience says that alone. Ms Hubert sounds bitter and Wendy has never been the type to shy away from anything so why not come to her show and say what you need to say face to face because thats what women do…..LOVE YOU WENDY…..

  12. Quince says:

    she is still the cutie indeed

  13. Three archetypes at a time says:

    That Tatyana Ali is a beautiful female. I sense that she gleaned a lot from that Fresh Prince. She’s a star… for reel!

  14. Tatyana is so beautiful and talented! Get it girl <3