Hot Talk: Beyonce’s New Single “Bow Down”

Too far?

Beyoncé released a new single and it’s causing controversy over what some fans say are offensive lyrics.

The verse raising the most eyebrows is: “I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world. Don’t forget it. Respect that. Bow down b****es.”

Find out what Wendy and her Hot Talk panel think about Queen B’s new song.

Tell Us: Were you offended by Beyoncé’s new song?

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  1. Dash says:

    You said it best @britt

  2. Nette123 says:

    I personally think that beyonce is not referring the b-word to none of the sort of her family or fans! I believe that there are people that like to treat people like crap! I like the song due to the fact that the people that dont like her or that always talking hatred about her! I would also like to say that me personally was a victim of being bullied and when I listen to this song it makes me think of that and in a way empowers me so DONT JUGDE, just by the way it sounds let her tell the reason she did the song! And the reason it offended people so much was due to the fact that they dont think of themselves as she does I mean come on were talking a women of confidants and everyone NEEDS CONFIDANTS OBVIOUSLY IF THEY ARE SO OFFENDED!!!!

  3. The Truth! says:

    I support Beyonce!!!! This woman is a mega talent and i agree with some others who support her. If she didn’t make another album, #1 hit or have one more sold out concert it shouldn’t even bother her!! She has already done more in her short entertainment life than any other performer, hell, she does more than you average haters done period, and will ever do. She should be able to say or think what she wants, everyone else does, Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan were losing their damn minds and they always managed to receive forgiveness, a little tap on the hand. Wendy Williams and all those other wanna be hating commenters should have waited to hear what exactly motivated her to record such a song. None of us are a part of her daily life!!!! No one knows what struggles she has. I applaud her husband for teaching her the do’s and dont’s and helping her reach and go beyond her boundaries that’s what a husband, a mate or someone that truly loves you is supposed to do. She has her own mind and her own flow, this didn’t start when she and Jay hooked up, it was already there. Stop with the madness and get on board, everyone has done something and said things they shouldn’t privately or publicly makes no difference. The ex wife of Prince…irrelevant….she wants something she can’t have, all she has now is a mediocre life and barely making it, I couldn’t believe she was even selected to be on a reality show..get a job and a life..keep your comments to yourself since you couldn’t keep your man!!!!! Yay “B”.