Nail Candy: Baindu

Nail Candy: Baindu


Baindu from Philadelphia is our audience Nail Candy of the Day!

Yazmin Ramos caught up with the 23-year-old from the City of Brotherly Love after the show to get the inside scoop about her fabulous nails.

Nail Candy: Congratulations Baindu for being our audience Nail Candy of the day. What inspired you to get these striking metallic gold nails?

Bandiu: I’m an avid fan of, and I noticed Nail Candy is a new blog on the website dedicated to nail lovers, so I made sure my nails left a “polished” impression on Wendy.

Nail Candy: In 2008 Beyoncé introduced metallic ‘Minx Nails’ to the world in her hit music video “Single Ladies.” How did you manage to achieve the same look on a budget?

Banidu: Like Wendy, I love to do my own nails, so I purchased Metallic Press-On Nails from for $6.30, and it comes with an application tool & nail glue. It’s easy to apply and it took me 10 minutes to glue them on and the great thing is it lasts for a week!

Nail Candy: What’s your dream “Nail Candy” nails?

Baindu: I’m a grad student at Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and as a student, it’s not practical to have extravagant nails; but when I graduate in July, I’m rewarding myself with bright colored stiletto nails!! [Laughs]