After Show: Pool Wig

Fun in the sun!

Wendy’s going on vacation with her Kevins in a few days and shows off her new pool wig and tells us what she wears when lounging at the beach.

Then, check out the gift that a studio audience member gave Wendy after the show today.

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  1. mary daniels says:

    Hi Wendy! My name is Mary Daniels and im from Birmingham Alabama. I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me as a young woman. Your attitude , personality, and humar are so comforting and helpful in my life. Your like my COOL aunt in my head !! I love the show and what you bring to it…. Thank you for being so helpful in my life!! Nothing but LOVE!!!!!

  2. kb says:

    ohh i like the wig..just needs to be styled..go wendy

  3. C. Thomas says:

    Hey Wendy, How you doin? I think you should wear all natural shine/shimmer lip color. It will go well with your wig and all the clothes and/or beach wear, while on your trip. I liked your look while on the trip to the British Virgin Islands. If you happen to wear some colorful clothing, then add some color to your lips….

  4. Constane in albuquerque says:

    Love the pool hair Wendy. I will miss you much enjoy your time off u desire it.

  5. Ms Kecia says:

    Perrrrrrect!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your self !

  6. Chris says:

    Wendy,you look so much like JoLo’s sister! You are so pretty with your “beach” wig!

  7. Chelle in Minnie says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m a little obsessed with “after show” & I wish Wendy was my bff

  8. Lisa williams says:

    How You Doin! Wendy I loved your After show on Aunt P.O.D. you made me laugh, you are really paranoia for a lady that loved the clubs, Wendy I was watching Vanity Fair’s Hollywood on ( 2-23-2013) it was a nice show, have you ever been invited to be part of that elite part of Hollywood, if not they should ask you to join if that would be something you and your husband might want. Wendy I hope you and the family and friends have a great vacation and a safe one, see you when everyone get back..

  9. honeybooboo143 says:

    Hey Wendy, that blonde wig brought me back to the days when you were on KISS FM and guest starring on Martin. Take care and enjoy your vacay!

  10. Michelle says:

    Don’t believe ally wendy, the wig is too white, however it looks better with the candy yum yum xx