After Show: Hot Topics Hour

An Old Friend.

It was an hour of Hot Topics and Ask Wendy and Wendy couldn’t be happier.

Plus, find out where Wendy found the dress that she wore on today’s show and where she’s going for a lunch date with Little Kev.

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  1. loved your dress it was the cats meowwww!!! lol love when u switch it up some xoxo

  2. myrna says:

    Aww your poor feet Wendy. I feel for you. I love those shoes. and i love the hot topic day. How you doin?

  3. Lisa williams says:

    Wendy How You Doin! love the show yesterday and all the hot topics and ask Wendy. Today’s show was nice and your dress and hair and bracelets, were very attractive. Thank you for asking Clive Davis about the party. I would love it if someone would ask Clive why he keeps going to that Hotel (Where we loss Whitney) for his celebrations.

  4. Rodney says:

    Loved the whole show’ A nice treat! full of hot topics’
    Wendy, please, do what you need to do to be all better for us’ We don’t like it when you’re in pain’ A good foot doc can do the job’
    Love watching’

  5. noelster_sf says:

    wendy – luved the show today and wish we could have lots more hot topic days. m’fave. loved ur bcbg dress and that ur taking kev jr to serendipity 3 for frozen hot chocolate. adorbz. xoxox

  6. Sammi says:

    Hey Wendy, Try a product called BeeNatural for your calused feet. It works wonders and you can toss the creedo knife and all the labor along with it out the window!!! Just let the gel sit on for a few minutes, then use a pumice stone to sloth it away!! LOve, Love Love it!! Your dress was HOT today!! Wish u would toss this after show wig, it looks HORRID on such a pretty lady : ) Just cuz its after work doesnt mean you gotta looked “crazy”, just my thought. I think the Twanbre with slight barrel curls would look soooo nice on the regular! Just sayin….HOW YOU DOIN!!! LOL Love ya

  7. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, loved the wig, you’re body is sick,not so much on the dress (not an animal print person). Your nails look great natural you have a good nail bed and good color.The audio on the after show has been a bit off lately. When you go on vacation don’t leave us for long,we’ll miss,love

  8. standbymeLord says:

    “Oh my knees”! WENDY! You are one of us. Say Wendy, I thought you were the Hot Topics queen. Why didn’t you tell us of the new ATL Housewife? Cordell is burn’n it down down down. Fi-ya! PS just put on press on nails->NEXT. How U Do’n!

  9. Kathy says:

    Wendy, I’m very excited to watch Thursday’s show. My niece is your fitness trainer. I love your show. I watch almost everyday. You’re so much fun and so down to earth. Hope your show is on forever!

  10. DarlingNicky Clyde says:

    Ummm I just totally beasted on about 15 after shows. Not sure why I’ve never looked at them before but I will now lol!. I won’t lie, I was DONE with you after the Draya interview…but as you can see I am back here again lol & smh. I could listen to you talk/gossip for hours, I miss you on the radio! An entire afternoon of hot topics just made the afternoons go by faster while at work. So very proud of you!

    Heidi (woolworths 145th street)

  11. Sonia Ramos says:

    Amazing Woman, with such charisma, beauty, charm and smarts!!!! We love you Wendy even if you do “Fall Apart” before our very own eyes….lol

  12. Linda S. says:

    What an awesome show today, loved it. And you looked stunning in that dress, when you were doing Ask Wendy your body was rockin. Love you Wendy.

  13. Pat in SF says:

    Loved hot topics show!! Boy George story yes yes bring back Culture Club!!!! LOVE!!!! he did look good too that boy George …good show needed my daily AM break…thanks Wendy

  14. Wendy I love that dress…HOTTT, I did search for it on line & you’re right…SOLD OUT.