After Show: No Extra Talk!


Little Kev has a math test and asked for an extra hour of tutoring and Wendy needs to rush out the door to pick him up!

Then, find out what compliment Suze Orman gave Wendy behind the scenes.

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  1. Kheslleen Dimanche says:

    Girl, nobody needs Monique to come back with that gospel show of hers. Maybe that’s why she’s not on anymore (AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!).

    I absolutely love and admire Wendy Williams! I think that anyone who calls her a “man” is very insecure and they truly envy her beauty and greatness…Urbanmama27…STOP HATIN’ GIRL OR MAN BEHIND THE COMPUTER.
    If you don’t like her opinion stop watching the Wendy Williams Show. 😉

  2. Linda says:

    How Wendy How you doin.
    Wendy I was wondering if you and your hot topics team could find out what happen to Monique her show was canceld and she just disappeared without a word
    I miss seeing her I know if anyone could find her Mrs Wendy can

  3. Rodney says:

    We take you any way we get you Wendy’ You still gave us After-show! Thanks!
    Just awesome, good and everything else!
    Love watching!

  4. Dear Wendy,

    I wanted to share with you a post I made on FB that has so surprisingly made a huge impact on my very small community here in rural Alabama. I don’t know if it matters to you, but it matters to me. I just wanted to share. The experience moved my heart.

    Jeffery McGraw

    5 hours ago

    PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsCity College of New YorkSee all lists…New York, New York AreaHubbertville High SchoolThe August Agency LLCFamilyManhattan Neighborhood NetworkSugarBaker’sCity University of New YorkBanks High School, Birmingham, ALBirmingham, Alabama AreaNorth Bergen, New Jersey AreaA&E Television NetworksAcquaintancesGo Back

    I had a beautiful experience yesterday. Suddenly, someone knocked on the backdoor of the truck I was riding in, then opened it up. I was a little taken aback as I sat there in the back seat. It was one of my high school classmates. He was so glad to see me. He grabbed me and hugged me like a bear!

    In back story, he was the candy eating cutie farm boy next door in high school, and he never paid attention to me as the misfit, gay guy in class among a number of other misfits. I always liked him, but I never knew how anybody really thought about me, let alone how he thought of me.

    It was ODD. But his sweet welcome back was a testament to how loving people can be, or can become. I always had a good feeling about this guy, as opposed to so many who actively bullied me for being the gay runt of the class that I was. He always treated me with respect, and yet he was a straight guy I never had much to do with. So, to have him embrace me so happily without expectation blew me away. I wish I had had more time to digest what happened, because it was so wonderful. I guess what I mean to say is that I’m so thankful for people who are so open-hearted and good without unnecessary boundaries. I’m proud to be among his graduating class. What a cool guy. (I don’t care if he knows I’m gay. He’s just full of love, and that’s the coolest.)

    Jeffery ( of Eldridge, Alabama 35554

  5. Sandy says:

    Wendy, I love your show and appreciate the after shows… Have a great weekend, “Friend in my head!”

  6. Tara Reed says:

    Hi Wendy, its me again. I said some pretty ugly thing about you the last time because I was upset about the unsong issue that is going on with Hally. It is a really bad issue that needs to be addressed, but they get away with it because you know what they think of us. We don’t care anything about each other and only try to pull each other down. I just wanted to make a comment about that new show here in the Atlanta area Sisterwives. This show is a fraud. It is not like that here. Black women are treated like dirt by black people and the white people that take advantage of it. I am Tara in a sense, and that is not how it is. Tara is treated like dirt by black women and the black men that take advantage as well as the white women that take advantage of it. It is so controlled down here that the white men control where we cannot get with any men if you have money not even your own or you will get hurt on your job where you live, etc. They control everyone for the worst and the hispanic, asians, etc. You can only get with a white man or white women if you have money or they will hurt you and once you get with them, you cannot leave or they will hurt you. They use people to control you and that is how they are at home. Someone like me would not be safe with a white man because I do not do what someone else does not want me to do especially when it is not in my best interest. The sisterhood is a FRAUD show. We are treated like dirt and they use us against each, we cannot trust black people or anyone else becasue everyone is used against us and think we will go home with them to do this to do this to us with their family and friend (and neighbor). We are violated like you have never seen. NO respect. I have moved three times in the last 3 years. I am doing alright for myself and they are trying to control me getting with a white man that make much less than me. The last place I lived the guy across from me was so racist, that he let me know if I brought a black man around there something bad would happen to me. I moved as quckly as I could. They take advantage that we do not care about each other if a white man like a black women. THey all know that is why we are hated and take advantage of it it. This is an epidemic across the country as you can see Hally is paying $20,000 a month in child support to a man that does not have custody of the child. The judge will either give them custody of the child so they do not have to paid child support to a black woman, or what happened to Hally which is riduclous since he does not even have custody. That is why they all of a sudden have a black child in the family “we adopted him” hence Tom Cruise. Like the Duck Dynasty family that all of a suddy started showing the black child the last season. That is the mans real biological son. That is whey their women hate us so much. Tara is treated dirt. This is not the reality here. Sorry about the last words posted that were not very Signing off a friend in my kind to you. Sighning off, from a friend in my head.

  7. felicia says:

    Handle your business Mrs. Hunter. Kids always come first. Have a good weekend.

  8. FunkyDivevaLover says:

    Of course we understand Mrs. Wendy. Have a great weekend!

  9. Totally understand!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

  10. Liz Turley says:

    I know you’re normally not interested in wearing jeans but you looked amazing today!! LOVED the sweet sweater and jeans. Gorgeous as always! Have a great weekend Wendy!! <3

  11. imarocluv2 says:

    I love the fact that you talk to the tutor after, I think that is *SO* important. Keep it up and congratulations on his honor roll status and his desire to continue to do better, now that is a true compliment to you. :)

  12. Stephanie M. says:

    We understand! Good luck to Lil’ Kev’!! Have a wonderful weekend love!

  13. SoniaRamos says:

    We Understand!!!!!! Because we love you and those of us that are parents know that our child will always come first before anything and anyone!!! You are awesome.

  14. Amanda says:

    Wendy you hair and make beautiful! Family first of course we
    understand now if you were talking about getting you nails done that’s another
    story. :)

  15. Urbanmama27 says:

    Hey wendy or the guy behind the camera I don’t know how you spell your name I don’t know if anyone is gonna read this but I gotta get this off my chest wendy I’m so sick of hearing about how Rihanna is a role model how dare she get back with brown.Talking for my self as a women that has screws and wires in my left arm from getting it broke from and ex boyfriend which is also my baby girls father it’s hard to leave and stay away at first it takes other like me broken arms and other things to never go back sad to say .I’ve never once saw Rihanna say she was a role model her music is rated r what mom is letting there kid listen to some of those things she say in those songs if my six year old was singing bout sns I would lock up away from all boys.Rihanna has to learn for herself maybe she feels like she can be that one women that can change him wendy but sorry we never are.loved the show today the Thursday/Friday show wink wink your everything plz don’t stop what your doing anytime soon you make my sad days better and my good ones great .bty that franks red hot the thick kind is everything thanks for putting me on