After Show: A Wig Line!

Getting wiggy with it!

The wait is finally over.

You asked for it and Wendy delivered! Find out when Wendy’s wig line will be hitting a store near you.

Then, Wendy reveals how the rules of dating have changed and why she wrote her Ask Wendy book.

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  1. Renee' Deanes' says:

    HELLO Wendy Dahling! Who you Doing? I am so heart felt and thankful that you are starting a wig line you do all Wigges proud with your openess and how absolutly fabulous you look in all the styles you wear. It enlightens those who where them haphazardly, and those who now have the strenght to go ahead and self improve there thinning hair. Weither tdue to cancer or lifes surprises; I love your realness and will be first in line to order your line. Thank You for all you Do!
    Renee’ Deanrs’
    from VA Bch
    watch you on FOX 43 and BET

  2. phillychick says:

    wendy looks like madea little sister with that wig on.

  3. Savontra Everett says:

    I cannot wait to buy a Wendy Williams wig!!!!!

  4. Gina says:

    I liked the new wig. I didn’t make you look older. I can’t wait til June!

  5. honeybooboo143 says:

    The old Wendy also said she doesn’t give out hugs to strangers….I guess she is entitled to change. Continue reaching for the stars Mrs. Hunter.

  6. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, your show outfit and wig impecable, your after show wig,one to burn it was cut so strangely. Have fun at your dinner. Love,love

  7. Rodney says:

    Love the drama……The after shows are like drama scenes and just Amazing!

    The look of the hair & them glasses are the Cat’s Meow’

    Continued Blessings w/ your Business! We like traditional ideas & if something isn’t broken don’t make it into a mess! I tell you these get rich schemes!…..

    You’re all kinds of good Wendy’ You sorta put me in the mind of Lucy Ball’ LOL..

    I love the play’

    & I love your entertainment & Watching!

    Bye Bye for now!

  8. cokie36 says:

    Wendy you are my friend in my head! You make me smile! I might start wearing a long wig,, sounds fund like you! How You doin?