Adele Scolds Chris Brown at The Grammys

And the winner is…

Chris Brown was a sore loser when he lost to Frank Ocean at The Grammy Awards and it looks like Adele noticed.

Then, are Rihanna and Katy Perry no longer BFFs? Perez Hilton reports that Katy is mad that Rihanna got back with Chris. Rihanna is supposedly mad at Katy Perry because she’s dating John Mayer.

Find out whose side Wendy is on.

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  1. Bea Giver says:

    A standing ovation is a “s p o n t a n e o u s” response and not a requirement. If anyone did not feel like standing they did not have to. That includes Chris. This is prejudicial treatment.

  2. GloNoEvil says:

    I think Wendy with her manly looking, x-drug addict, no hair, wig wearing self, should stop hating on Chris Brown. He’s young enough to be her grandson. How would she like it if people kept harping on her past mistakes, low life drug addict and probably turned some tricks to get dope! God blessed you to rise, but you can always fall girlfriend. Leave Chris and Rihanna alone! I don’t throw stones because I live in a glass house AND my favorite quote is: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” AND “Judge not lest ye be judged”…o,k. Stop hating on Chris and watch your own son. He could be a chip offf the olf block and become a druggie too! As far as Adele, looking like a couch and all…she has no room to talk to Chris about anything…we know that she’s had her man problems.

  3. Chris Baker says:

    Chris Brown looks like he’s got a STD.

  4. Eriqah says:

    I am not a Chris Brown fan at all but He is grown as hell. A sore loser would have been him walking out of the Grammy’s at that moment. If I just had a fight with someone i would not stand when they won something either. that doesn’t make me a sore loser, I just don’t like dude and that’s fine. I am glad Frank won over him too but its not like he through a chair through a glass window. I’m am NOT fan i think he has LOTS of issues and I am the first one to comment on them. But on this, Wendy you need to let that boy live. Whatever.

  5. fee says:

    Wendy…rewind the footage. Miguel didnt stand either. He clapped twice and put his arm around his lady. Chris gave him a little more respect. I wish you all would let him live his life.

  6. just love the comments,sometimes we think America has gone crazy,why do they always want to bully Chris Brown because he has a record?.Chris is the best male talent we recognise in America,seeing him abused in such a manner by everybody(ofcourse not everybody)is sad.the rest of the world love him,Africa loves him,he is so talented,his music and videos is what we buy for our kids now,after Micheal Jackson.

  7. Lisa says:

    So wat if he didn’t stand up for Frankie Ocean & I’m sure that Chris Brown wasn’t the only one that didn’t stand up for him either. people need to leave Chris Brown alone. all you adults that are suppose to be wise sure aren’t acting wise now when you are criticizing ppl & cant leave the past behind. Chris is being hisself hes young trying to explore life & have fun at the same time without the media trying to tear him down. He’s out having fun if he happens to get in trouble chalk it up to experience & lessons learned. Let him grow up like we did. Good luck Chris. Not a fan just tired of ppl bashing a good entertainer. Stop hating its enough hate in this world. Don’t add take away.

  8. Wendy fan says:

    Wow!! Why hating on Chris an Rhiannah soooo much. Are they the only couple who have /had problems in a relationship??? Give them a break … and why should Chris stand up looking like a punk!!! You’re really hard on him ..leave It out ..I still like you thou ..

  9. Wendy umm I have read that Miguel didn’t stand either and I’m pretty sure that if you’re in a fight with someone the previous week and they win an award, you won’t stand either. Adele has commented on that photo and she said they were complimenting each other and the very next photo that was taken seconds after that proves her right. Really Wendy, you can’t tell a lot from a picture, you know better.

  10. Rihanna says:

    Who cares how you HATERS (Wendy) feel. I still got my money

  11. howunotdoin says:


  12. howunotdoin says:

    i wouldn’t have stood up either. Niether did Miguel so what is the problem?? The media is always trying to find something to latch on to I guess. shrug

  13. debi efre' says:

    I was In Your Audiance yesterday Wendy, and kept waiting for you to dish on Ellen in your hot topics segment….There was a pic of her(Ellen)…. ( I had it with me but they wouldn’t let me show you when you came to say hello to me and complement my purple heals)…. pulling a Danny DiVito, looking at Katie Perry’s boobs (dress lol) and it looks like her wife (Portia) is use to her( Ellen) acting this way. When you see the pic you tell me, does Ellen look a little intoxicated?

  14. Beverly says:

    Oh yeah Wendy; if you look a little closer to the camera the guy next to Chris didn’t stand up for Frank Ocean and neither did Miguel. But no one said a word. “HOW YOU DOING’