Wendy’s Super Bowl Recap


It’s the morning after Beyonce’s highly anticipated Super Bowl Halftime show and Wendy’s dishing on Sasha Fierce’s performance!

Plus, find out who Wendy wants to perform at the big game next year!

Tell Us: Who do you want to see perform at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show?

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  1. tj says:

    What was up with the GAGA comment today? do you think she cancelled her concert for a different reason? tell us more? :o)

  2. V V says:

    PINK for next year half time show!! She is AMAZING especially live. ANd she can ACTUALLY sing! And doesn’t need to make excuses, not even when she’s hanging upside down from the ceiling with water pouring down on her! A TRUE performer and artist!

  3. Lisa Williams says:

    Wendy How You Doin? Kim Kardashian should give Kris what he ask and called it a day! Just because you are pregnant you should not be unkind, she said she really loved him prove it; let him go, the best way is cut him loose.If we don’t let go; things have a way of coming back to bite us when we least expected it, so Wendy in this situation I don’t agree?