After Show: Who’s That Girl?!?!

Hang in there Little Wendy!

Wendy was tired after the show and collapsed on her ottoman when she got back to her office, but can’t go home until she rehearses for a SoulCycle segment.

Find out what Wendy thinks about cycling and who she went for a ride with recently on her two-seater bike.

Plus, Wendy sees a picture of herself from childhood. Listen to the advice she wishes she could have given herself when she was only in the 6th grade.

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  1. Violet Ulloa says:

    Wendy , I would luv to bike w u , I used to do it w friends but in the years every ones moved on ….

  2. I’ll ride your bike with you Wendy!!! :-)

  3. kim says:

    You know I think the same thing about Wendy.I even think she has issues about being black.She seems to have a slight disapproval of blackness.She should speak to someone about her issues.She is at a good place in her life,she should really get her self healed inside so she could really enjoy her fame.

  4. Datruth says:

    Hey Wendy I guess its true child hood follows and shape us as adults its sad to see that you are still affected by your child hood with weight and you past appearance even though you have your own show and is successful your past hunts you like a ghost. But most cancers are very attached and attracted to past events especially hurtful ones. Its amazing the power we have as parents and just a slip up can damage our children for good. No wander you are obsessed with your weight and always looking for APPROVAL on your appearance wow its therapeutic but sad at the same time I am just saying HOW U DOING?

  5. disqus_BgZ05GP1fK says:

    I am forunate to have part of my childhood on dvd…from the late 60’s and 70’s so I always talk to my younger self…lol.

  6. wendy1 says:

    I’ve felt hot really hot lately too. I think it’s the fabrics. cute looks together.

  7. TheCatsMeow! says:

    Wendy! You crack me up! I look at my old pictures too. I think girl ya done good but we still having growing to do. Wendy whats up with the short after shows. I need 15 minutes. stop being cheapy cheapy. I know you have lots to say. your Wendy Williams.

  8. myrna says:

    And you are a very special person and very successful since that 6 yr old wendy. and I love you very much!

  9. Noreen says:

    Good evening Wendy, the longer wig becomes you. The skirt is a four…….your good! Yes very therapeutic talk with the younger Wendy , we all need it. Love ya!

  10. Frank Adams says:

    Too funny, talking to your younger self. I laughed so hard that I dropped my chicken leg on the floor when Antwan was eggin’ you on! LOL The show AND After Show will win an emmy this year, or else we will boycott!!!!!

  11. Regina King says:

    Awww Wendy. Thanks for the conversation with your former self….I was just going to click off the video, when I saw you talk to ‘lil Wendy’, and I’m glad I didi…it was theraputic, and I saw alot behind your eyes. My former self will get a good, uplifting talk tonight too. All God’s Blessings Luv!

  12. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, I love ya but the heat must have got to you. I really don’t think Kandi’s fiancè is a bad guy, for one I think he is better than Aj, I hate to speak ill of the dead, but Aj seemed kind of trifflin’. He didn’t want to be on TV, Kandi convinced him to and he’s cute. She seems like a sweetie she deserves to be loved. I am glad for Kimora too,she seemed happiest w/ him. Just yesterday you were saying how loose the dress was but your sweater on the bottom was way more loose. Love love

    P.S. you should try on the dress that was taken in too much,I have a good feel.

  13. misty says:

    I absoultely live for the after show! You really brighten my days!

  14. felicia says:

    Wow, you look just like your son in that picture. Funny how that happens. I have a picture of my mom as a child that looks exactly like my sister. Liking the longer wig. That one and the controversy are your most flattering. Good show. All the guests were good.