After Show: Nip/Tuck

Plastic Surgery.

Wendy was removing her eye lashes and wiping off her makeup when we found her after the show.

Find out why Wendy doesn’t plan on getting any plastic surgery done on her face as she ages, and if she ever got a nose job.

Plus, Wendy reveals her favorite body part and tells us if she has cellulite!

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  1. Weed is good for keeping pressure in the eye in check

  2. donnagayle says:

    Awwwe love you’re show,,look beautiful and carry your weight n size great..your waist line is perfect..oh yea love the red lipstick n u looks sexii in black

  3. FredDC says:

    How do we block ppl like you? If I was a Wendy staffer, I would definitely get rid of unwanted guess. Can we take care of this please?

  4. Nina says:

    Wendy, I have a huge question. I am sure we are all dying to know but how did you get to your size. I am a plus size girl myself and struggling with weight loss, seems nothing is working. I could use some fitspiration =) Thanks for listening

  5. Lisa Williams says:

    Wendy thank you again for being there for us, sometimes we don’t have a to happier life, but we do our best. Love it when Al Roker comes to the show, the weather bit was nice, next time always keep your head turn to the audience, you might make a good weather person if you chose to do so. The after show: nip/tuck was really reviling, you are so honest I like that in a person, if this world was not like it is I would love to meet you. Be careful keep some hand sanitize handy with you, until your your eye gets better. Take good care of your self we need all that wonderful humor, and out spoken nest.( How You Doin!)

  6. Rodney says:

    God Bless You & your family & wishing everyone who’s sick a speedy & healthy healing’ There is nothing sexier than strong shoulders! Keep it coming! Love it’
    That hairstyle Antwan jooouuuuudgggedd for ya’ is the Cat’s Meow’ That style makes any woman wearing it look classy & extra beautiful’ That hair style with a form fitting white dress would be everything!…
    Be Blessed Wendy’
    Love the entertainment & Love Watching

  7. mj says:

    Please get rid of that dag gone pink lipstick. It does not become you!

  8. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, you looked so good today like a life size Black Barbie. You should have wore your yum yum lipstick. The only thing and I hate to be picky, you need to get remeasured because you had 4 boobs,your bra could be just one size too small.Speaking of boobs where was Shakira’s pregnant boobs, her kid is gonna starve. As for Beyoncè, she’s too good to sing for the president on is biggest
    day. There have been plenty of people who have lipsync and their career’s went down the dumps ,perfect example Ashley Simpson on of all places SNL that was a who cares.
    Beyoncè kind of a major diss. And on Lindsey, where did Charlie Sheen’s money go,was it 100,000 he loaned her? And last but not least I think just the opposite of you on Tiger and Arnold.Tiger’s kids don’t need to be put though this again they are too young. Arnold and Maria are mature adults and their kids are grown and know the score and old enough to keep an eye on Arnold, he is not trapsing around the world like Tiger.Sorry I ran on. love love

  9. Datruth says:

    okay okay whatever Wendy you are not a SMALL/ PETITE women & never will be knock it off you look better of course than you did @ abt 300 pounds who wouldn’t look better after losing over a 100 pounds, tummy tuck, boob job etc. Can you stop it please its not that serious and its not like you have a boss shape lol but its good that you like yourself more now. Wendy you are all breast and nothing Else girl lmao. How you doing!

  10. OMG Wendy love love love the hair! Antwan did that thang!!!

  11. MsK says:

    Girl, you are wearing that lipstick-candy yum yum?…You look so beachy easy breezy;blonde hair and light pink lipstick!

  12. Lali says:

    Can I just say this, and please take no offense, but you are hot. A lot of people, when they remove the makeup, can be a little drab, but Dang girl! I don’t usually make comments like that, but I was taken back. Love your show and your honesty. You are beautiful on the show but have to say I like the dressed down Wendy as well.

  13. LARobinson says:

    I’m in love with your makeup bag… I know you mentioned that your makeup artist gave it to you, but what kind is it or where is it from?!

  14. ItalianHeat says:

    Mrs Hunter, I have asked you numerous times, Puuleeeaaseeeeee tell me where can I purchase the makeup bag Merrell gave you with the rhinestones on it? I have to have one. Thank you.

    PS: for sure I will be watching tomorrow. I’ve had GPS and have recently gained 25lbs. I will always be fighting this battle as well. You go Al Roker!!! ~ Love you WW xo

  15. The Beautiful1 says:

    Hi Mrs. Hunter-“How you doin?”

    Can you please let Tristen(sp) know that the video today is a little fuzzy (not clear) maybe it is the angle? anyway Love the Aftershow!!!! I particularly enjoy when Antwon&Merrell is are there it makes it more entertaining :-)

  16. Eriqah says:

    btw Wendy I KNEW that was a new wig. I was saying that the whole show. I LIKE it. Good job Antwon.

  17. Eriqah says:

    I’m 24 years old and I have stretch marks but no cellulite (YET…*fingers crossed*). Kat Williams said girls with stretch marks are like tigers LOL. I’m ok with it tho! reminds me that my booty is growing and that’s something I’ve always wanted lol