Beyonce Lip-Sync Controversy

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Wendy defends Beyoncé in the wake of the lip-synching controversy surrounding her performance of “The National Anthem” at President Obama’s inauguration.

Find out what Wendy thinks about the scandal!

Tell Us: What do you think about the lip-sync controversy?

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  1. niaya2cute says:

    but your in a small town paying these jokes

  2. niaya2cute says:

    Jessica Rivera Kim Lilredfox Ward•13 days ago

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    I agree she shouldn’t have lip synced but comparing Beyonce to Kelly Clarkson is laughable no matter what the topic. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Geo Metro. Beyonce being the ferrari

    Thank you
    I think we can agree Kelly Clarkson shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Beyonce if they are going to compare the two.(common sense)

  3. niaya2cute says:

    My point exactly its a historical moment for blacks and we’re focusing (and supporting the media for this) on her lip singing. (kyss)

  4. niaya2cute says:

    uh people are so petty….like it was the for the president… I bet half of you don’t even know the words but yall definitely are looking stupid now especially during that superbowl conference (or did she lip sing that.) And of course people who she looks up to and are inspirational to her, they try to diss her (smh it only happens in our community. We( as blacks) can never build each other up. = (

  5. kleverlee says:

    The problem with this situation is; when an artist/singer is performing anywhere, especially live. I would believe that the singer is also performing live. If a singer is not performing live, then they should be honest enough to post a message stating that the vocals were pre-recorded. Of course we know she can sing, and yes it was bitter cold. But, if a singer does not state that the vocals were pre-recorded, it is indeed a lie. As a musician, i know that when sitting down in a studio and singing anything, it is not the same as live, because in a studio you can fine tune; tone, pitch and volume to produce a sound which would be close, if not perfect. She was suppose to be singing the national anthem live, and all she would have had to do is state that her vocals and accompaniment was pre-recorded. But, not stating it, is deceptive and a lie! And finally, even though many singers do this exact same thing, they were not caught giving a live performance, with a pre-recorded vocal track. We just need to expose all singers doing this type of thing without letting the audience know. Then, we will learn if artist are doing it because they don’t want people to know that there live performances are not as good as they would like us to believe.

  6. I agree she shouldn’t have lip synced but comparing Beyonce to Kelly Clarkson is laughable no matter what the topic. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Geo Metro. Beyonce being the ferrari

  7. MyThoughtsOnly says:

    While lip-syncing may be appropriate for certain events, the inauguration ceremony singing the national anthem is not one of those events. Both the President and the national anthem deserved more respect. If Bey is too busy preparing for the Super Bowl, then she should have respectfully declined the invitation. It’s an insult to the President, all those in attendance and those watching to pretend sing when we are expecting a live performance. If her voice is the only thing that matters, then she did not need to appear in person … show display a picture of her while the song was being played.

  8. KC says:

    I think for her to have been lip syncing, she could’ve done a better job. I mean it was okay, but could’ve been better.

  9. Datruth says:

    Bey gets no pass from me she should have performed live end of story. But like I been saying this chick is as phony as a $7 dollar bill. She has lied, stolen, and frauded her way up the ladder lets not be delayed this is not the 1st scandal of Bey getting popped for being out of pocket and trying to cover it up. This time her PR and parents could not lie out of this one. This was a historic event a black President and 1st lady getting in the office for the 2nd term. And what she does get up their and be fake she never would have come clean if she did not have to. Its a lot to the chick under all that mask and hair I been over it.

  10. Wright says:

    Ya’ll fall so quickly into the media hype. Beyonce does have a funky presence following. She seems like a nice enough person but, the people around her starting with her mom, Old manager Dad, Destiny Child band members, and sister speak of her and seem to treat her like a glass Christmas tree ornament. That makes many people not want to like her. All that said, she is extremely beautiful and equally talented. I enjoy her as a singer/entertainer. She hasn’t once admitted to the lip-sync. If I don’t hear with my own ears from her that she did I don’t believe it. Masses need somebody to hate on. If she did so what!! I enjoyed the performance she brought it live or not!!

  11. Jys says:

    Aretha Franklin lip sinc and Kelly Clarkson should have and she would not have mess up and sounded so horrible

  12. Cinderella says:

    Who cares? She was there to show her support to the president and that’s all that matters.

  13. kim says:

    Did anyone notice that the country group that sang at the play-off game with Baltimore and New England lip-synced the National anthem?When the camera caught it they took the camera away really fast.They never showed them singing after that.I know it’s just a football game.It’s not as important as the inauguration.But,they did’nt talk about that,I wonder why??

  14. Anne says:

    Actually they do take breaks, but when they perform it’s for their fans. Their fans aren’t asking them to take a break. Everyone else can go do something else when they are performing. No one is ever forced to watch or listen.

  15. BxMama1 says:

    It’s not earth-shattering news, but celebrities put themselves out there for this kind of criticism when they enjoy staying in the limelight so much. I believe we’ve seen the first indications of an over-exposed Beyonce and Jay-Z. Bey: After the Super Bowl, I think you guys need to bring it in for a while. Go somewhere, be still, and enjoy that babygirl of yours. Not only should you give yourself a break, but give us one too. Else, even your most devoted fans may turn on you. On the superficial side: the dress and earrings were WRONG for a daytime event, PARTICULARLY the Presidential Inauguration! Whomever told you otherwise, was just being a “yes” man/woman and you should reconsider their opinions. Fire the stylist or stop thinking you can do it yourself, ’cause despite what Wendy said, it did NOT work! How You Doin’?

  16. lex says:

    prolly didnt sing live cuz her dumb arse dosen’t know the words … we all know she is fake cultered

  17. This guy says:

    Based on this report Id say she should have refused the invite. It is not the superbowl it is the flippin inoguration of the first Black President in america’s history. Kelly Wowed by the way I sat in the crowd in awe and no one else has these controversies. What does that say? But honestly I think the whole story is stupid.

  18. Rigo says:

    Please disregard my Ipad two thumb typing. Love you Wendy!