After Show: Saturday Night Special

Let’s talk about sex!

It’s a short “After Show” today! Find out why Wendy kicked us out faster than a Saturday night special.

Then, today during “Ask Wendy” a woman revealed that she sometimes feels like she’s going to pass out after having sex with her fiance. Find out who texted her immediately after the show!

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  1. Nat boo says:

    Marko is foinnnneee!

  2. Angie T. says:

    Wendy I love those earrings! Where can I get them from?

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi you doing! Wendy I love your show an sent you a couple emails because I’m desperate for a new look, make over or something done before I scream….lol! I would love to meet you and attend a show, hopefully I will be that lucky lady. Keep up the good work, you do me wonders every day.

  4. Miss Ann says:

    Bite your tongue Miss Brittney about stopping the after shows….

  5. cedj says:

    Very thankful for what she gives us, I do understand when it is time to take care of business you have to do just that! it never hurts to talk ish tho lol…I have madd love for wendy and what she does, every since her vh1 days! I have been rockin with her for the longest…P.S..I didn’t say stop! I don’t care if the aftershow is 60 seconds lol give it to us…

  6. Rodney says: & LOL..Love your type of entertainment & watching!

  7. brittney says:

    I can’t with these short after shows Mrs. Wendy! We understand that you are busy and have things to do, but we look forward to the after shows! If you can’t give us at least 10 minutes of after show then please just stop airing after shows.

  8. says:

    Cute love ya for reading meli

  9. Love the dress Wendy!

  10. myrna says:

    That was short and sweet. Love you Wendy!!!!

  11. Yola says:

    Are you fluish? Wendy does not want a fluish audience, she’s fluphobic :-)

  12. Yola says:

    Chill out people Wendy is a very busy woman, be thankful for what you do get.

  13. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, I missed you yesterday, you said you’re dress was an old friend, I’ve never seen it before. Don’t tease us about your hiatus being cut short,your Summer is way too long. By the way the highest incidents of STDs in the US or FL. I’m not sure which, is an elderly community near Ocala, called The Villages hence the 80yr. old sex question. Your show is diverse. Love love

  14. April says:

    Wendy, your last few after shows have been way to short. Please find time to make some longer after shows for us :)

  15. Apryle D. Roch, NY says:

    Wendy I love that outfit and your hair… The after show was real short, Come on there was no after show monday. Really you owe us a real good after show Wednesday :) I am home with some type of cold suppose to be in New York City tomorrow in the audience ;( Instead I am at home sipping on some hot tea. :;( (REALLY) why me.;(, this isnt right

  16. cedj says:

    we are NOT going to be having too many more of these short aftershows!! how in the hell am I going to get through my work day…