Faith Evans on Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Kim

It Only Happens Here.

Faith Evans opens up about her relationship with Notorious B.I.G. and reveals the striking similarities between Biggie Smalls and their son.

Plus, find out if Faith believes that they will find the person responsible for Biggie’s murder.

Then, Faith talks about the day she found Lil Kim in bed with Biggie and reveals if she has forgiven Lil Kim for sleeping with her husband.

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  1. Nope says:

    At the end of the day, it was common knowledge that Biggie and Faith were married so both Lil’ Kim and Biggie are to blame for the affair. Lil’ Kim knew he was married and she chose to be the other woman, the chick on the side, the whore, and sleep with a married man. That doesn’t make Biggie any less of a he-slut for doing it, he promised himself to Faith, not Kim. If he wanted her, he would have divorced Faith and made Kim his wife but he didn’t. He chose not to because he wanted Faith as his wife so Lil’ Kim kept her status as the side-chick. As for who is to blame for the affair, they share the blame. She had no right to come between their marriage just like he had no right to step out of their marriage. Faith had the ring and the status as the wife. All Lil Kim had was Biggie’s penis, which isn’t much, since he slept with pretty much any female that came around. That’s just the truth. By the way, no Faith didn’t sleep with Tupac. Tupac said that to get at Biggie, but it never actually happened.

  2. naddie says:

    At the end of the day I love lil kim, biggie, and faith. What many woman seem to forget is that at the end of the day we have to have a lot of class ,respect and standards for ourselves point blank period. No I do not agree with biggie but, again I still feel lil kim should of had more respect for herself if not for any one else. She should of felt as though she was worth a lot more than to only be called the other woman. She was a very attractive young woman and could of got with any man of her choosing before or after biggie. Being the other woman means you are always second to his wife, kids, or what ever life he leaves briefly while he is with you. I believe no woman should stoop so low to settle for less.

  3. Pop says:

    Lil Kim is obsessed with Biggie. It’s not healthy…

  4. lena.thompson says:

    PREACH!!!! I totally agree with you 100%

  5. lena.thompson says:

    I don’t believe that Faith genuinely loved Biggie like she wants everyone to believe.

  6. Q.B. says:

    haters gonna hate! (read my comment down, if your interested)

  7. Q.B. says:

    What do you mean by: “real women don’t do that”? Just because Kim is a woman does not make Biggie anymore innocent or her a whore, if you think it’s Kim’s fault then that’s your point of view, but if the genders were switched then you’d change your mind wouldn’t you? It is and always will be Biggie’s fault since he was UNFAITHFUL in their marriage and I’m sorry but didn’t Faith sleep with Tupac? (making her a hoe in your eyes? and can’t be turned to a housewife??), kind of surprised this is all coming from a woman!! for the record you can’t tell they shared lust, maybe Biggie (which I doubt) but not Kim cause she wrote like a hundred songs about him and how she loved him, she mentions him in maybe every interview and how his changed her life and how he mentored him, she gives all credits to Biggie, if it was another person they’d be like yeah whatever but till this day she’s faithful to him and all of Junior Mafia. Maybe when Big married Faith, Kim felt jealous and betrayed but the fact is she still loved him, in fact she even mentioned his kids in her will. You call that lust? BTW if Kim is not the queen then who is and please don’t say Nicki Minaj or I’ll end this discussion right now, plus couldn’t you have avoided the comments at the end?? I could do the same but I don’t want to sound immature like you. My point is this, Faith is a sweet person I get it and so is Kim but she’s not to blame, it’s Biggie’s fault.

  8. @Q.B. first off Kim may hve 1 day been the so called queen of hip hop but she’s not anymore. She’s needs the title WHORE!! Any woman who sleeps with a married man is wrong because real women don’t do that!!! They respect theirselves more and tell that man no because she chooses not to be the other woman. No matter how you put it Kim is a home wrecking whore who has no woman values now faith on the other hand is a real woman who respects herself. You can tell that in her appearance alone!!! Kim and Biggie shared Lust not love!!! He wld hve never wifed Kim cuz you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife. The sad part is Kim cld hve slept with any other man but she chose to sleep with a married man. That’s low!!! ~Q.B.~’you are ignorant and stupid for even coming on here saying anything. The world laughs at you!!!

  9. Hello says:

    Shut up. That’s the dumbest thing ever. If BIG wanted to marry Kim, he would have and he didn’t so Kim needs to get her sad self together.

  10. says:

    LOL! I’m with you all the way

  11. Q.B. says:

    Lil’ Kim is the queen of hip hop. FACT. Kim loved Biggie till the day he died, she’s not to blame for the affair; he is, since he was married. I still wish Biggie and Kim ended up together cause what they shared is part of history and people are gonna remember that, not Faith.

  12. Cindy says:

    Right when Kim finished saying..”who’s that?”…I would’e made her eat the table…straight up!!