Diane von Furstenberg

Wendy is wearing a purple multi wool wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg.

Her caramel fishnet tights are by Nude Barre.

Wendy’s white Full Clover Pave hoop earrings and silver hammered elastic bracelets are by RichRocks.

Wendy is wearing her own watch by Cartier as well as her own diamond necklace and bracelet.

Her reading glasses are crystallized with Swarovski elements by Jimmy Crystal.

Wendy’s elephant “Declic Suede” pumps are by Christian Louboutin.

Tell Us: What do you think of Wendy’s look?

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  1. cellycell says:

    This almost feels like the first time I ever saw you look like a ‘lady’. Love the hair, the looser fit and the print of garment. Everything really works in this look.

  2. love the Diane Von Furstenbergs.. very chic.

  3. Darlene D. says:

    Love this dress on you….You rock so many different looks. It’s awesome to watch and be surprised as to what your going to wear…..Keep being you!

  4. Mylam O'James says:

    2013/01/23 Welcome to “The WIG” (Wendy’s Icon Garments and “WWD” Wendy Wears Daily

    Gentle Readers,
    Words are not enough for me to express my fondness for our icon de force, Wendy Williams, so you will notice that this writer comments on the way the choice creates iconic appeal for the viewer. As a male viewer and style connoisseur, I am very bias toward any women whose figure embodies the appearance of womanliness. The figure is iconic and I hope that it continues to propel Wendy to higher heights.

    As an icon, one must always be aware that sometimes certain fashion rules don’t apply because the icon simultaneously is the mold and breaks it as well. Let’s consider this the way of the tao, or some law of the universe that is unwritten yet needing to be understood. A paradox to Descartes” “I think, therefore I am”, is the phenomenon of icon Wendy, “I am, therefore this is”! Dear Lord, please let Wendy be the first woman president.

    Now for the fashion. Many of you asked why I did not comment last Friday, but the peep-toed sling back platformed sandals did me in. And it almost happened to me again today!

    The wrap dress is expected to be a “WIG” on our host and in the photograph here it is. But, let’s not forget our Wendy is a working woman and this dress interfered with her work. I watch the show everyday mainly to see her figure because it is the “mong-shall-ping” of figures!

    I expect to see everything in the dress in its right form and place. This dress creates too much optical illusion — had me looking at her bust trying to find her thigh! Wendy’s icon is all about her voluptuous figure. Everything must show beautifully in place. After 15 minutes of optical illusion and straining my good eye, I gave up and returned to bed for a nap. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day. Wendy is love. MOJ.

    Mylam O’James also comments on Neiman Marcus.

    After 15 minutes

  5. Daniel says:

    Very stunning n amazing my love xoxo

  6. latifah says:

    I love ur outfit Wendy u r my inspiration… I love Christian loui also. Im getting the red pumps 5 inches