Ask Wendy: Let’s Talk about Sex!

Spice it up!

Dr. Mike Dow from Logo’s “That Sex Show” joined Wendy for a special edition of “Ask Wendy.”

Find out Wendy and Dr. Mike’s advice for a woman who gets lightheaded when she has sex with her fiance and what tips they offer a couple that wants to spice up their sex life after 10-years of marriage.

Then, you’ll be shocked when you hear what an 80-year-old “Wendy Watcher” wants to know about sex!

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  1. mercedes says:

    What a Classy get up ! I feeling the glamor!

  2. DTownChick says:

    First of all Phedra did not say that she didn’t want to pay Kenya. She said that Kenya didn’t deserved proceeds from the back end. And I agree get your money up front and that’s it. Please stop reporting wrong….WENDY