After Show: Happy Friday!

Behind the Scenes.

The weekend is here and Wendy doesn’t need to change before she walks out the door and heads back to Jersey.

Plus, Wendy shows us the new belt she made all on her own.

Then, find out what gift Wendy forgot to give Hoda Kotb.

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  1. Lisa Williams says:

    Topic: Give me a chance to say it like I mean it?
    Wendy how you doin! I love your Friday’s hot topics, please give your quest around the table a chance to say it like they mean it, and then everyone can have their free for all. I loved the hot topics, but I don’t get to here each ones opinion, before everyone one is talking over top of each other. I hope it will be better next week.

  2. The Beautiful1 says:

    Hi Edwin,
    Did you see the look that Memsorrrrrrr gave her like “you tried it” in my Tamar Braxton voice lol

  3. Nick211 says:

    Anyone know what designer made Carrie Keagan’s dress and shoes? Loved them!

  4. myrna says:

    Have a wonderful weekend Wendy. I love you so much!!!!

  5. That’s funny!! LOLOLOL

  6. Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did not have to call Mensoir out like that!! LOLOLOLOL Too funny!!

  7. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, I loved the outfit, I thought Hoda should have been on the panel,maybe next time,they were still good. Spoiler alert Carrie is dating Aaron Sorkin,they went to the Globes together,rich very rich. I love you Wendy I really do, but I ‘ve seen your feet, please don’t drink the foot juice.I was staring on that one very blonde highlight the whole show,on the left. Love,love

  8. HoneyBooBoo143 says:

    Carrie Keagan is dating Aaron Sorkin, he’s a famous writer (“A few good men”, “The Social Network”, and “The West Wing” to name a few). It’s in the Huffington Post. You’re right Wendy, she’s setting herself up really good.

  9. classicfab says:

    not fair wendy no secrets between us you tell us everything. i didn’t like the after show too short we want more sidebar:i loved carries shoes!

  10. Melissa Jackson says:

    Hi Wendy how uuuuu doin . love the show. do think Greg and Nene are together because Nene known him and kind of scared of knew comers in her life. I read somewhere Greg had a girlfriend in the ATL before they got back 2gether

  11. HoneyBooBoo143 says:

    Wendy, I saw you coughing when talking about Lyric….how you flu’in?

  12. Mar Lis says:

    I like the frumpy dump. It was different. I thought she looked yummy. It was relaxed. It was nice.

  13. Lotus88 says:

    Hi Wendy,
    It’s no secret who Carrie is dating.. It’s Aaron Sorkin considerating that they stepped out in public at the Golden Globes. LOL

  14. CassandraDream says:

    You were in rare form today, Wendy. You are so funny, Wendy. I loved the wig you had on today. Looked very realistic, and the blonde highlights really added a lot of oomph. I especially like it with the navy top you were wearing. You looked like an airline stewardess. Great color on you with the white trim. Enjoy your weekend. Love ya :))

  15. Valerie says:

    sorry Brendon

  16. Valerie says:

    OMG I love Brandon. He’s too funny.

  17. I love Wendy’s team, from Brendan down to Merryl (sp).