TLC’s Chilli on Love, Usher and a Reunion Tour

It Only Happens Here.

TLC’s Chilli talks about her love life and reveals if she misses her relationship with Usher.

Plus, will there be a TLC reunion tour and do they plan on using a hologram Left Eye?

Then, Chilli teaches Wendy how to get a butt just like hers!

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  1. Three archetypes at a time says:

    I like the stillness. She’s not that animated, which is, interestingly enough, refreshing. Especially when there are so many screamers and butt-shakers out there. She shakes her but, though, but she’s so cool with it. There’s no rush and no divatude, which makes her a diva. A soft-spoken one.

    And… Rozanda in the kitchen is a nice thought. I imagine her Thanksgiving guest are genuinely thankful…

    Thanks for having her on!

  2. AD WENDY Fan says:

    Chilli looked great !!! Wendy loved the line of questions but suprised you do no know about Sweetie Brown … Lawd Jezus its a Fiur … Cold Pop.. aint nobody got time for that … PLEASE PLEASE WATCH !!