Hot Question: Shawty Lo’s Show Canceled

Do you think Oxygen made the right decision by canceling Shawty Lo's show?

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  1. v says:

    Wtf I would watch it its the same as sister wives so if he show can’t air cancel. All the shows like his

  2. when they have stuff on tv like honey boo boo. please shawty lo can have a show to he taking care of his right. we got alot of deadbeat dads out running around with alot of bm’s . it is real life.

  3. Hot Question: Shawty Lo’s Show Canceled –
    I personally know this family, two people in the show are my blood relatives and
    I love the non blood related kids as they were blood related. What outsiders don’t know is how respectful the kids are and how they love each other. The older kids look out for the younger kids. The girls are so close; they’ve spent the night with me several times. We, cook, we bake, we play tennis, we go bike riding, we go to church (yes, the kids are
    up praising in church). When spending the weekends with me, the girls can sleep in separate rooms, but they are so close they all want to sleep in the bed together (3 and 4 in one bed by choice). The kids excel in school, in dance, and sports. Should the kids be subject to the criticism? Should the show air? I don’t know, I’m not here to judge, but what
    I know for sure, the kids can show us all how to love in spite of what’s going on around us.

  4. MissKendra says:

    is it a stereotype if it is the truth? there is a market for “ghetto” reality im hoping…for us black ppl who would like to see other black ppl in their natural element and not watered down black reality to please white people..just saying

  5. colourbox says:

    don’t care don’t know him don’t know what’s going on

  6. don’t talk sh*t when all those kids are on public assistance. take your public outrage and pay the extra taxes! dumb move. a job is a job!!

  7. Pcfl_One says:

    Someone is always willing to watch dumb stuff. I think if we are going to shut this show down, we need to shut down the shows with women yelling and smacking each other around, teen mothers fighting over unemployed baby daddies, one man dating a room full of women, and all of Fox News channel!