After Show: The Pre-Show


Ever wonder what happens backstage at “The Wendy Williams Show” before Wendy goes on the air?

For the first time ever, Wendy takes you behind the scenes from the time she arrives at the studio to the moment she walks out on stage.

Watch Wendy and her Glams decide on her look for the day and get an inside look at her Hot Topic and producer briefings.

Plus, Wendy reveals why she needed this show today more than ever!

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  1. cat says:

    Love the Wendy show I watch daily…although I understand and am not impressed about the actions of what happened in All of our past (slavery) as a white American girl I am not proud of what took place then, however we are in a new era of our lives and although as I perceive it, it is the past and I understand that it is your history as well as mine can we as a god loving and people loving society move past this…the comment made about Tartentino was offensive to me as yes I am white and the movie was meant to be not a factual event I don’t believe but simply Entertainment and no I am not black but is color really the issue or who is the racist?

  2. B. Brooks says:

    Thanks Wendy……..That was fabulous…… Didn’t know so much happens before the show. It was an eyeopener. And you really look Beautiful. Your staff are amazing. Love the warmup guy too! I don’t idolize celebrities, but I really got to appreciate all that you do! Take care Wendy. Love you Wendy and I hope this new year will be a great one for you and your loved one.

  3. edward knott says:

    I love watching your show wendy I watch it in the morning and in the afternoon

  4. Keith says:

    Wendy I laughed so hard .. When you were saying goodbye and the camera turned to that guy in the green shirt and he was looking like whats her problem and the camera turned right back at you . Wendy keep this after show going don’t stop . you truly made my day.

  5. MARVIN says:


  6. Blueturner says:

    Great insight into the the pre-show, also very entertaining.

  7. Miss Em says:

    I really really enjoyed this show, I don’t want to be greedy and request this on a daily basis but once a month would be nice!! Xx

  8. HoneyBooBoo143 says:

    I agree. As a Communications major, this after show is a dream come true. I also enjoy the quick shots of the control room when you come back from commercial. Thank you Wendy!

  9. Vicnet Smith says:

    “How you doin’ Wendy!”

    Oh My! My! My!!! What an awesome Pre-Show
    episode!!!!! I Loved it!!! This show shows you going from a “not so
    good” mood to a wonderfully joyous mood with all the business and
    excitement mixed in! It truly takes a wonderful person and a wonderful
    staff to make this show come alive!!! Thanks for sharing! It’s great
    to be Wendy Williams!

  10. Frank Adams says:

    Best After Show ever. Thanks Wendy!

  11. I loved watching the Pre-Show aftershow! To see all of your transitions, and up to you coming through the doors, I wanted to cry!! I really love you Wendy, and I know that one of these days I’ll be able to come to New York, (I live in Chicago) and be one of your co-host! Have a great weekend!

  12. lisdalia aka african princess says:

    wow!wendy! thank you for showing what you do and what happens before the show starts ! i always wanted to see that!again thank you .lovies xoxo!

  13. JJ says:

    Hey Wendy your website needs to make it easier to find “The After Show”. Can’t you just list it under “The Show?
    Love ya

  14. Hazel R. says:

    Thank you very much Miss Wendy for the Human side of you. Sometimes looking at this phenomenon that is the Legendary Wend Williams it makes you wonder “Where do they fit her battery pack” but guuurrl between the tears and the laughs I really can see a Real Person. What an inspiration! Thank you for this amazing show and thank you for being you! WE ALL LOVE US SOME WENDY Please keep it coming!

  15. myrna says:

    That was soooo cool Wendy. The behind the scenes look is awesome. You are soooo cool!!! :-)

  16. Jro says:

    P.S. Dan is cute.

  17. estela says:

    do you always wake up in a bad mood :) ?!! relax it is just a stain!
    Loved the behind the scenes.

  18. Val T. says:

    That was such a joy to watch!1

  19. Lodie says:

    How you doin, Wendy? I have the same p.j.’s from Victoria’s Secret!

  20. Channing Black says:

    SO SO cool!!! You guys should do the pre-show more often!!!