Angela Dean

Wendy is wearing a fuchsia long sleeve jersey dress by Angela Dean.

Wendy’s caramel fishnet tights are by Nude Barre.

Wendy’s crystal bangles are by RichRocks.

She is wearing her own watch by Cartier and her own diamond hoop earrings.

Her tort pink “Jodie” reading glasses by Kate Spade.

Wendy’s nude “Pigalle Spike Patent” pumps are by Christian Louboutin.

Tell Us: What do you think of Wendy’s look?

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  1. Judith lundie says:

    I want to buy that dress!

  2. Mylam O'James says:

    2013/01/15 Welcome to the “WIG” (Wendy’s Icon Garments)

    “The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble”, as the lyrics to song go, but this was a Wendy Icon Garment (WIG) perfect day! Like everybody else I enjoy it when it’s done not only right, but well. This is MOJ by the book — the color on Wendy is phenomenal. The fit, which makes the fashion, on Wendy is phenomenal. This is so perfect that that’s all Wendy needed, fit and fashion. This is an inspirational truth from the universe and all people who dress in clothes and enjoy looking good in clothes recognizes this. Any icon would and every icon should.

    When you get it this right, you don’t need jewelry because everything else is so captivating correct — the right color (form), and the right fashion (fit). Should you desire to accessorize think two (2) things — bold and real. To balance this power consider one wide cuff done in 18k high polish white gold. That will bring out the “can’t touch this “. If your budget wont allow white gold, there’re plenty of affordable configurations that will work. The deciding factor though is that the accessory should be high polished or shiny. Know that I’ll be watching with love in my heart. MOJ

    Mylam O’James comments on Neiman Marcus.

  3. Aileen says:

    That is your color Wendy! Loved the dress ! Gorgeous :)

  4. Mylam O'James says:

    2013/01/15 the look gave you confidence that covers all aspects of your glamour. The overall effect was red carpet sexy and very upscale because you felt something good was happening in your world and you translated that to mine. If you could wear this everyday it might always look natural. This was good communication:)

  5. Daisy21 says:

    The entire look today was amazing! From your hair to your make up down to your shoes you looked stunning!

  6. Elaine says:

    Wendy I love the dress you had on by Angela Dean. The color fuchsia is a beautiful color on you however I do think you should not continue to wear the same style dress in different colors. I think you should change up styles and designs and be daring and try wearing pants suits sometimes, I ‘m just saying How you doing ?