After Show: How You Doin’ Seattle?

Leaving on a jet plane!

Wendy finished taping the show and had to rush out to catch a flight to Seattle for a local station visit, and she already knows what she’s eating for lunch!

Plus, Wendy tells us what she likes to wear when traveling and why she always loves when her Glam Squad comes along with her!

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  1. Three archetypes at a time says:

    It’s quiet because it’s so soft. Like a mist. It seldom pours. I love the quiet rain in Seattle. In spite of the quiet rain, it is a very lively town. Lively and smart!

  2. Mar Lis says:

    she has so much to do all by herself..I hope she can enjoy the beautiful quiet rain in Seattle

  3. Three archetypes at a time says:

    Her “look” on its own always made a fashion statement. (Not tryin’ to start a rally, by no means, jus’ sayin’. But people liked her so much. It was like three main ingredients: Antwon, Merrell, and her.)

  4. Three archetypes at a time says:

    Whenever anyone mentions that name I admit, it touches me. She did have a PERSONALITY that exuded a lot of beauty and class.

  5. Theman says:

    Wheres Deb?

  6. t says:

    don’t understand why everyone is defending this taylor swift girl and people are sooooo hard on kim k…at least kim was in long term relationships..let’s not give taylor anymore sympathy..she is definitely not innocent..

  7. The Beautiful1 says:

    Hi Mrs. Hunter :-)

    I love the after show as always!!! I especially like when Antwan & Merrell get into it!!! LOL….Memsorrrrrrrr is ok *shaking my hands in a gesture saying I can take him or not…to me Deb had more of a PERSONALITY (but I know that her name is like the pink elephant in the room).
    Enjoy yoour weekend (smile)

  8. Have fun in Seattle & enjoy your crabs!!!! lol xoxo

  9. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, Marlon Wayans was so dreamy I had no idea. I was shocked to see you step out in flats,girl you’re not even trying:-) . Have great w/e Love,love

  10. Three archetypes at a time says:

    SEATTLE has a lot of great seafood spots. In fact, during the years that I lived there I had a friend who was a fisherman, and he’d spend six months out of each year in
    Alaska… deep-sea fishing. All that so say, Seattle is big on seafood [Antwon] and not much grease out there [chuckle]. Though, they have lots of entertainment… check out the Space Needle [Memsor]. I love Seattle! Check out downtown’s Pike Place Market [Wendy and Kev] or some of the jazz spots in the University District (Seattle University area, a.k.a. the U-District). Maybe a quick drive out to Lake Aberdeen [Merrell] and do a 30-minute horseback ride on the ocean shore… classic! I love Seattle!

    HAVE FUN!!