After Show: You Asked, I Answered

Viewer Questions!

We followed Wendy off set today into the audio room where she record PSAs for Black History. Afterwards in her office, Wendy shows us the gifts she received for being part of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Then, find out what Wendy has to say about the red wig she wore today and what she wanted to do with it in the middle of the show.

Plus, Wendy answers your viewer questions. What is her workout routine? Where did she get her new bag from? What does she carry inside it?

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  1. Tywan Lee says:

    I like the “Red” wig!

  2. Raphael says:

    LOVE the red wig! You worked it!!!!!

  3. ScarlettB says:

    I disagree about the hair. I think its my favorite look on you ever. The length and framing is fantastic. It honestly makes you look younger.

  4. Miss Ross says:

    i think the color is great on you! you should def wear it again!

  5. Mettie Kated says:

    it’s a compliment that we like the after show so much because it’s just you being you. And I thought my bad breath was from cigarettes and coffee!

  6. dian says:

    I love the wig on you. I don’t think I’ve seen one yet that I didn’t like. The red does bring out a different tone on your skin. Very nice……Love the show…’re the best.

  7. Julie Plush says:

    Wendy, I love the wig too. The color looks great on you. Please wear it again. I also love the ponytail wig up in the top knot. You should also wear the top not style in the show, it REALLY looks natural. I am a wiggie too, both pieces look great on you.

  8. crissy671 says:

    I la la la la lovveee that color, you just make me want to go and dye my hair that color! You look gorgeous!!

  9. DMV diva 202 says:

    Hello Wendy What where the name of the designers that Kevin hart said that he was wearing my husband would love for me to buy it for him

  10. Gregory St.James says:

    Hello Wendy,
    I just finished writing a marriage manual called… How to have a pefect…(no),
    great….(no), good….(no), lasting marriage. It is written on the humorous side
    and I would like to send you a copy, I think you will enjoy it. Do you have an address
    where I can send it to you.