LaLa and Carmelo Anthony Headed for Divorce?

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Are LaLa and Carmelo Anthony headed for divorce? The rumor mill is in overdrive after LaLa reportedly spent New Year’s Eve without her NY Knicks husband, and rang in 2013 with singer Monica.

Find out what Wendy thinks LaLa needs to do if she finds herself single again.

Plus, Wendy addresses the war of words between Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett and Carmelo, after Kevin allegedly said that LaLa “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

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  1. lll2910 says:

    I agree with the previous comments. For one when a man feels like his woman is being disrespected it is common that he gets defensive. Especially when your not only speaking about the mother of his child but also his wife. Two, jumping to conclusions that they are headed to divorce and not even giving them the benefit of the doubt to work it out is unfair to them & you just sound like all the gossip magazines out there whose goal is to tear people/families down.your better than that and you should know better cause you have a family of your own. Last but not least her show is not corny. Its just different from other reality shows who only exist because of the drama It provides on a weekly basis. She’s trying to do something positive with hers lets not hate on her.

  2. Sonya Thomas says:

    awh Wendy that was so bad for you to say about such a sweet lady. Lala Is genuine one of the best reality shows out there. She is drama free and likes to have fun with her family and friends. Dont hate on her. I usually agree with you, but not this time. There are a lot of things people can say about you too. Be easy on her.

  3. Chris Baker says:

    I LOVE me some Honey-Nut Cherrios! uh-huh! don’t hate! 😀

  4. Kelly says:

    Can you please wear that wig again, it gives me life!

  5. Eriqah says:

    Btw: I asked my boyfriend how he would feel if someone said that to him about me and she said he would have dropped KG where he stood with no reservations…. Mind you he’s 6’11 250 with a 7ft wing-span so its isn’t so far fetched for him, lol

  6. Suga Mama says:

    Okay Wendy I really love you but man you were so harsh on Lala. I love her show because she has fun and show the true value of friendship and family love. I do not understand why you automatically decided that she and Melo are getting a divorce. Would you like it if people did that to you…I mean does your husband even like to be seen with you? That’s not a dig but you have dirt (shoe factory) but man you go too hard to have your own dirt in the closet…ijs

  7. Eriqah says:

    Maybe I’m the only woman that processes why Carmelo had every right to be angry. I understand that KG is just a big jerk and that’s his “thing”, but if I was a married man who is ALSO in the middle of marriage problems and playing a highly competitive game like basketball, you should expect to knock you out for saying something like that. If that’s your thing to be our right disrespectful, it should be your thing to get socked repeatedly as well. KG isn’t just a trash talker he’s disrespectful and most of the time, overdoes it. I’m sorry but, as a woman, I can even see those as fighting words.