Free Stuff: Fannie May Chocolates

Log onto Wendy’s Facebook page to enter for your chance to get a $100 gift card to Fannie May Chocolates.

Top off the holiday season with something sweet from Fannie May, Chicago’s favorite iconic chocolate brand.

These handcrafted chocolates from FM Artisan burst with vibrant flavors from classics like Birthday Cake to sophisticated Double Shot Espresso and Bourbon Vanilla.

Visit for more holiday gift ideas!

(You must submit your entry between 7:00 AM PST and 11:59 PM PST on Thursday, December 6, 2012.)

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  1. scouts mama says:

    How you doin” Wendy!!! I love your show and watch if every day at 10 am. It is how I start every day. I always try for your free stuff but never win, but that is OK. Now however you need a Facebook page to enter and at age 65 I don’t want a Facebook page. As a retired teacher I never had one when I taught although Ithe high school kids always asked me why I didn’t and I still won’t do it- professional thing I guess. So why not give us old schoolers a chance at some freebies???

  2. IP says:

    AHHH I Used mine right after the show!!!!!! Thanks for the gift!!!!!