After Show:
All I Want for Christmas Is…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We found Wendy after the show just as she removed her lashes and started taking off her makeup! Find out why she loves using the Almay wipes.

Plus, Wendy reveals what she wants for Christmas and what the Hunters are doing over the holiday break!

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  1. lauren says:

    Wendy I love you……but I hate it when u where that wig!!!!

  2. cynthia Yvette says:

    you are wonderful


    Auntie Wendy you’re so comforting to watch…Thank you! Yay!! to Mommy & Daddy Williams for making the move back to the eastcoast. Hope to see them on the show for a lil Kee Kee

  4. Jill Feth says:

    Hi My name is Jill and i am a mother of 2 from st.louis mo. a daughter 4 who is my own and we adopted my now 14yr old niece when she was 9.I have never really been into talk shows but have been watching your show for the last few years and absolutley love it :) today is the first time i have ever watched your after show videos and can i just say I think you are so down to earth and real..i watched the one where you got emotional over kevin making honor roll and actually cried with ya lol..i understand as a 33 yr old mother what its like and how challenging it can be..having a very young one and a teenager who knows it all let me just tell you there are days when i just wanna lock myself in my room lol but i dont of course..but just like you said there are just moments in life like kevin making honor roll or your little one just walking up to you and saying i love you mommy you look pretty..those little things blow all the rest away..anyways before i get to corny just wanted to say i love your show and love you as well..stay real wendy we need more celebs out there like you :) Hope you and yours have a great holiday season

  5. Linda S. says:

    My mom passed away on Christmas Day, December 25, 2001 and for years I didn’t want to celebrate Christmas. Everyone around me would always say she would want you to move on and celebrate Christmas but I never could. My dear husband who loves to decorate always did the decorating until this year I have finally started coming around and have started helping my husband decorate. Seeing all this devastation with Sandy, helps me appreciate what I still have. Thank you Wendy, for your words of wisdom. Love you.

  6. LisaWhiz says:

    You have inspired me to get my a$$ back in the gym! I noticed you’ve lost so much weight that your ring is loose! Keep up the good work, once again you look FABULOUS!

  7. t says:

    can somebody please tell beyonce have a seat with all these faux documentaries..please..we get it..

  8. Galloping Grannie says:

    All I want for Christmas is a Jerseylicious makeover

    There is no hope for me but I hope this gave you a chuckle. Merry Christmas!

  9. Donna Alston says:

    Wendy I love you. I am a wiggy. I wear weaves all the time. Please send for my siblings and mom and me for your Christmas show. Thank You. Wendy my former bishop got into my business and say I am a hot mess. My baby sister wants you to unleash on me. Please don’t do that I need some friends.

  10. Allan says:

    HI. wendy. How u doing !!…big fan a 24yr old guy -straight (my boys tease me about lovin yo show) ..and am loving the christmas ..any way i was hoping u could please include your male audience in your favoturite things give-aways this season.. Thanks.lotsoflove..