Lindsay Lohan Arrested in NYC

Breaking News.

Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested after allegedly hitting a woman in a NYC nightclub.

Wendy and her Hot Talk panel, CNN anchor Don Lemon, “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger and comedienne Judy Gold give their take on this BIG hot topic.

Plus, Patti Stanger makes a very interesting offer to both Lindsay and her mom Dina!

Should they take Patti up on her offer?

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  1. Bobcat Booth says:

    How about you also mention that the conn.shooter took his mothers keys after shooting her and then had access to the gun cabinets located in the basement close to his slepping area your geust misquoted and said what was she doing with these guns and then them being out in the open with no clue .itsa shame a talk show like yours is also putting out misinformation about guns and gun control

  2. Wendy, people need to leave Lindsay alone. Half the country is screaming for her to go to jail (how many people have learned anything going to jail) and the other half is setting her up. Yes, it foolish of her to go out thinking that everyone is going to mind thier own business, but still it is her life. I am sorry she has no one to call a true friend.

  3. von says:

    Wendy they have showed who played the other Sesame Street characters on a special they had a WHILE back. I can’t remember if it was Dateline, 20/20, or who, but I do remember looking at it because the Big Bird character is an older man. So you may want to have your producer find that script.

  4. Miss Nett says:

    Good show Wendy as always very entertaining & thanks for calling out Kenya about her so called boyfriend Walter, “Kenya”: ***HE’S NOT THAT INTO YOU*** get a grip!

    BTW: Wendy just wondering what ever happen to the time capsule or did I miss something, don’t remember you following up on that…