After Show: Long Enough to be Classy, but Short Enough to be Bad!

I’m going to the ball!

Wendy’s getting ready for her big PETA ad unveiling in Times Square and is deciding what to wear with her stylist Memsor!

Then, Wendy’s attending the W Hotels of New York’s inaugural LOVE Hangover Ball tonight, hosted by Kelly Osbourne. Will she be wearing a street sweeper?

Plus, find out why Wendy loves wearing Angela Dean dresses!

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  1. Rodney says:

    It’s Everything! Awesome Entertainment;

  2. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, that purple dress looked like it was made for you,and it was. Good color on you, too. Congratulations to Tony a long time coming. Love,love

  3. Linda S. says:

    Loved the show today, you looked beautiful today as always. I saw the PETA ads on E News and you looked HOT!!! You should be very proud of yourself, I am.

  4. “”memsor” you’re a wonderful addition… he aiiiiiiiight!” … LOL!! TOO FUNNY! heeeeeey “ANTWRELLE!” … LOL! and YES HONNNAY, that VIOLENT ANGELA DEAN was FAB on you!

  5. t says:

    i support your peta campaign..your hair was good but the makeup was bad..should’ve gone with a more natural makeup effect..

  6. Kee says:

    Antwan is a great wigoligist. Simply wonderful!!! Keep up the great work Wendy!!!

  7. nothankstofatandnaked says:

    god awful… i wont watch this show. the picture is disgusting. youve shown to be a sleezeball. and please go on a diet.. you are too fat to be taking it off in public. my god.

  8. elaine says:

    Okay, Judy.

  9. Wendy, I am so happy for your PETA ad, good luck! I will be waiting to see it tomorrow on the show. I am a fan of PETA., I love that dress you wore today, very nice. Much love. Peace & Love.,,,