After Show: Frugalnista!

Come on in!

Wendy’s niece and big sister Wanda were waiting for her in her dressing room when she got back after the show. You’ll never guess how much the leggings cost that Wendy got her niece Alex!

Plus, find out why the Williams sisters will never wear sequin pants!

Then, Wendy reveals why Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday!

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  1. edward knott says:

    Love you wendy I watch your show monday to friday twice a day 10am and 4pm here in douglaston littleneck.queens.ny HOW YOU DOIN’?

  2. Meeganista says:

    Hey Wendy, HOW YOU DOIN? Have a happy & safe Thanksgiving!

  3. Rodney says:

    Hey Everyone’ I love it! Be Blessed & Happy Holiday!

  4. I had a awesome time at your show Monday! You looked absolutely
    gorgeous, as always! You and Andy Cohen were great on “Twitter Theater”!
    Andy, you were funny as Donald! Wendy I just have to say I’m your no#1
    Super Fan, But every time I come to your show , I love you and your crew
    even more! I got to get a pic with Antwon outside after the show~omg I
    so love him. A shout out to you my friend! I think Suzanne and your crew
    are Rocking. I’ll be seeing you all soon. I a repeat offender! I love
    Wendy! :O) Smiles to you all!

  5. Apryle D. Rochester,NY says:

    Hey Wen have a great Thanksgiving and I love the look today. have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. :)

  6. Malcolm says:

    Hey Wendy great show…….and I like the way that dress hugged your frame..nice!! I can see the family genes in your niece and sister…LOL…love ya!!!


  8. Cathy Pruitt says:

    I love u and your show!! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving week and weekend!!

  9. Dustin says:

    Wendy – loved the shoes! After seeing you in the Cher head-dress, I have an idea… next Halloween I think you should be Cher circa “Turn Back Time” – with that hot leather jacket and body suit! You’d ROCK IT!