Wendy’s Next Great Voice Finale!

And the winner is…

All week long, “Wendy Watchers” have been competing in our first ever “Wendy’s Next Great Voice” singing competition.

Nicole and Jonathan made the finals and performed Whitney Houston’s hit song, “I Have Nothing.”

Watch and find out which contestant won a recording demo from music mogul, Vincent Herbert.

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  1. Von Tae' says:

    Wendy has to bring this back on the next season!

  2. Aja Sharpe says:

    Lets be honest she won because she was a better singer…. which is not much because i could blow her out the water no problem….. he should have sung his heart out and left the guitar on the side…. yhes its a whitney song and he should have brought it…. he should have added so many runs and hit so many high low and in between notes that he would have won…. but he didnt…. he allowed her to dfeat him so yall get over it…. if u thought u could do better u should have entered the contest….

  3. I’m still waiting to hear that someone contacted him to sign him damn it!

  4. Sing says:

    a TRUE singer can sing ANYTHING !

  5. I don’t think the song put Jonathan at a disadvantage at all. I think he did better at it than Nicole because he made it his own and was versatile. I think
    the producer just had it in his head from the start who he wanted to
    pick and I think he made the wrong choice. Nicole is a good singer, but
    she’s just like so many out there. She’s a copy cat Whitney. Jonathan
    was/is original with an amazing voice and should have been picked as
    the winner. Also, that producer was looking her up and down…I suspect that had something to do with his decision as well. As far as Nicole wanting it more, I can 100% say that is not true. Sure, she wanted it, but I know Jonathan and he gave this performance his ALL and wanted it bad. He deserved it and not just cuz I know him.

  6. lets dance says:

    I was so surprised to hear the final song choice to be a song from Whitney Huston, considering the difference in vocal/style talents. As a viewer I couldn’t help, but to feel the final challenge was unfair. I would have said the same thing had they made the Spanish lady sing a Cold Play song. It would have been best played out had an Alisha Keys song been chosen instead (my personal opinion), which would have worked well for both vocalist.

  7. sunshine says:

    So is this the only singing competition that Wendy is having? I hope there is more to look foward to.