Tyra on Love and Babies!

It Only Happens Here.

“America’s Next Top Model” judge Tyra Banks talks about her love life. Is she dating her fellow judge? Is Tyra in love?

Then, are children in Tyra’s future? Find out what she only tells Wendy!

Plus, Wendy plays Fave 5 with Tyra! Find out what the favorite rumor is about her.

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  1. Tokyo Marigold says:

    Tyra is cray cray.

  2. Three archetypes at a time says:

    During the last few seconds of this clip it looks like Banks is trying to rape Williams lol.

  3. Tyra Banks says:

    i LOVE TYRA BANKS SO MUCH… WAS SO FUNNY THIS EPISODE… far… far the best episode.. i love watch tyra banks

  4. Chino Rivera says:

    chino here a HUGE wendy fan straight up. love a POSITIVE BLACK woman and or mi latina sistahs,because most i meet and have met are negative,angry gold digger type, immature,but wendy is a Tall,as tYRA taller than wendy in high heels or flats i think,but i love the TALL HOT N SEXY INDEPENDENT TYPE

    lady doin big things and veRy independent,”great”personality,i love that about wendy,say what your want about her, i LOVE Wendy mor e tone lately,great hair do’s,wigs,or extension clip whatever,i think in her late 40s wendy still young enough to DO IT ALL,with her show,and i love how all racial on her show,and audient love her,and i do too. wendy,your looking way better now girl always to me wa pretty though jmho/imo. and i love how your always honest about just life, and our “so called “celeb” life WAY TOO SHORT yep to be stress i like that bout her,as my sister nicole early forties,i am late 20s.we puerto rican and love u wendy.

    YEA I AGREE DOUGH,wit the members here lol about tyra banks.

    Now, imo TYRA BANKS IS GETTING”older and corny”because i love older.
    business type lady,whose focus etc. whose IMO All dat woman lol tall and fine! lol and independent but her BORING smize, and talk show is well stupid. just don’t get it at all.

    she use to be interesting,but i m still liking tyra.

    I didn’t know tyra way taller than wendy,and i love Wendy High Heels today on BET tonight,the kinda like little wrap around or something,cute on her,and the dress fit her well … i hope to get tix to go one time soon. love a REAL woman,and haters just are lazy haters,who are sitting around hating because they have no life. wendy stomach is FLAT;

    i was loving it on you tube,when i 1st seen her boy in a bikini,this year show me she is taking care of herself,and i love how CLOSE she is wit her family from my tri-state area, that is important,and Good for her she is NATIONWIDE,SYNDICATE that’s is big,and i m loving the show,and her personality is INCREDIBLE,brush off the hate wendy,she is so real;

    show her lace front wig,to whatever,she love the honesty and about her past,and is a great mother,and i think she and her show will be on for years to come,from chino rivera.

  5. Tokyo marigold says:

    Wow, it is so embarassing watching Tyra still trying to make ”SMIZE” happen. Tyra dear, no one cares about that nonsense and you and your little modeling show are beyond played out. And by the way Wendy, your legs looked like tree trunks today in your too tight dress and always too small heels. A mess!!!!

  6. chichi301 says:

    yes tyra seemed high off something… i was dying laughing over here. wendy looked all uncomfortable and nervous like she ain’t no what hell this crazy was going do next. This was very entertaining. It just was to go down as one of the most awkward interviews ever. It got me Thinking….. how did oprah feel or look filming when that white man jumped all over her couch..lol

  7. Anae says:

    Tyra was Not a spaz. Tyra, is never a spas. Tyra is simply Tyra and there is nothing wrong with her or how she behaved on the show. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you would express it with respect. Until you talk to Tyra about how she obviously rubbed ‘you’ the wrong way, don’t be talking about her like that. Check yourself first.

  8. LJ says:

    I’m glad she picked that weight back up

  9. Jilllouise says:

    Wendy – I am so sorry but Tyra Banks was a spaz today on your show. She needed to calm the heck down. I wanted to jump through the TV when she tried to force your leg up in the ‘whooch tooch’. Calm down, Tyra.