Wendy’s Next Great Voice: Matthew and Julianna

Vote Wendy!

“Wendy’s Next Great Voice” singing competition continues and “Wendy Watchers” Julianna and Matthew battled it out.

Watch Julianna and Matthew perform Cee Lo Green’s hit song, “Forget You” and see who the studio audience voted for as their favorite!

Then, tune-in on Friday, November 16th when two finalists will compete for a chance to win a recording demo from music producer Vincent Herbert!

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  1. cory says:

    i want to be on wendy’s next great voice! how do i audition?

  2. Matthew is definitely the next vocal STAR!

  3. Cathy Pruitt says:

    Matthew was awesome!

  4. Matthew says:

    I vote Matthew, great voice.

  5. ath803 says:

    I vote for Matthew to win it all!!!!!!! He was the best out of everybody who sung this week!

  6. Lois says:

    Matthew was my choice he has skills!

  7. TERI LAVELLE says:

    Matthew Rocked it : }}

  8. Juileann says:

    both were good but / juileann