Straight Talk with Star Jones

It Only Happens Here.

Star Jones always gives good, straight, smart talk.

Find out what she thinks about Donald Trump’s $5 million offer to President Obama and if she was asked to appear on the all-star edition of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Then, Lindsay Lohan bailed out on her interview with Barbara Walters and is sitting down with Jay Leno instead. Does Star think Lindsay made the right call?

Plus, what does Star think about Stacey Dash endorsing Mitt Romney? Watch and find out!

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  1. Marshall Cypress says:

    straight in to the ground.

  2. DivaJa says:

    Wendy, I don’t know what type of men friends you have. You have a big mouth and looks like a man. You come across like people need to believe what you say and believe. I have men friends who have no interest in sleeping with me and I am a very attractive woman. We are just friends. Like the comedian said, when one is mature, a man and woman can be friends without wanting to sleep with each other. So you must only know men who are not mature or are those men from your drug days?

  3. DivaJa says:

    Star Jones seems to be picking up back some weight. She needs to be careful, or she will be right back where she was before that surgery.

  4. DivaJa says:

    I hope no one gave you a degree with that less than poorly written comment . Your grammar is atrocious and one can hardly make sense of what you are trying to say. As much as I don’t care for Star Jones, yes she has a law degree and went to school right here in Houston, Texas. Also President Obama has a law degree. There is no reason for him to lie about having a degree. But who would really give your comments much acknowledgment? Just trying to read what you have written, shows that you are not a very intelligent person. You might want to go back to school to learn the English language and learn how to express yourself intelligently.

  5. whopushedthevideo says:

    Star Jones………..what a hack that one is! Head with a mouth and full of BS! She’s rude and a liar. No wonder she was fired from her cush job at The Skew…..I mean The View 😉 lol

  6. MssBayArea says:

    How you doin, Wendy

    You were giving major leg… and NO cellulite, during the Star Jones interview. You’s a bad b!tch!!

  7. Latina says:

    Don’t even watch Wendy anymore she is just getting to be SO BORING same same everyday, nothing new…

  8. lil says:


  9. lil says:

    right on

  10. m ... says:

    Have anyone heard of Kris Jenner, and Bruce getting a divorce?

  11. Law&Order says:

    I’ve worked in the legal profession for over 30 yrs. and have served on hiring committees numerous times. You do NOT have to show your degree. Anybody can make up a degree if they’ve got a computer. You check their status via of the state bar in which they are licensed to practice and the local bar association. At anytime, you can place your license on “inactive” status in accordance with the rules of the licensing board. It is a very common practice.

    FYI, Star Jones was a prosecutor in N.Y. for years.

  12. Marshall Cypress says:

    Star jones knows as much about politics as obama does about running the country…. NOTHING absolutely NOTHING! shut your brown v@g1na!

  13. ilovemovies2 says:

    Just curious we’re you interested in George w bush’s college records? He got in on the legacy grant from his Daddy. Never mind-the history books will treat President Obama much much much more kinder than you, trump and all the other sore LOSERS. btw In the history of elections the game has always been the same and rules have not changed. You get the popular votes of your state you win the e college votes. Once you do that you get 270 you get the crowd. The Losers get 4 years to get ready for the next election. Pull your man pants, quit your crying and move on.

  14. Chan says:

     @Larry. What u are saying is just not true. To become a lawyer requires u to finish law school successfully and pass your state bar. U cannot practice Law or give yourself the title of being lawyer without State licensing. I am a licensed nurse and u can check the State to see if my Licence is current and that is open to anyone. President Obama is an licensed lawyer in the state of Illinois. He has retired a year or so ago. Now if I can do this simple search just imagine what kind of search Hillary Clinton, Mccaine, and Romney did to prove any of what u saying to be true. No main stream person would say these things because it is so easy to prove false. It like that Elvis is alive theory that will not go away!

  15. Neko says:

    Its Mr. President or President Obama

  16. Anita says:

    What Star Jones commented about Stacy Dash was rude and a form of bullying. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you have the right to go after them. We tell our children bullying is wrong, why should they listen to us when people like Star does it and gets laughs about it. Star is an educated woman and should act like it.

  17. Larry says:

    Hello Ms Wendy, my name is Larry and I watch you show everyday however the one you had to day with Ms Star and what she said about Mr Obama Law degree is just BS, the reason why I say that is because in jobs the call for a degree you have to show that you have one or just anyone could say they have a degree and you could see where that would go, even a Doctor has to show hes/her degrees in their office, so what is the difference with Mr Obama, that right he is in the government and that is what is wrong with the US today, as American’s we do not make the government have degrees to hold office even Ms Star as she has a Law degree the only thing she has done is reported on things and worked in TV, so with asking Mr Obama to show that he has a Law degree or any other person in our government they need to show it with out even thinking about it. When I go to try and get a job they ask if I have a degree in that field and I have to show them I do now big deal. Mr Obama brings all these problems himself if he has it show it and if doesn’t tell he doesn’t don’t just sit there, them people start to think he is not telling the truth on things. And for what Ms Star said that you don’t have to show their Law degree they do because to keep it you have to pass the bar, but than again she would know that because she never really worked in the Law field just reporting on it isn’t the same thing. But the FBI already knows he does not have one that is why nothing is being done from the government, but give them time, they got 2 Top Generals and the one that become head of the CIA. Thank you Ms Wendy and tell you friend Ms Star I have nothing against her cause I like the way she will speak her mind on things, but want to thank you for your time, keep up you great show, Thank you Larry from AZ.

  18. Obviously she’s gained some of the weight back, but in a strange way. Her legs and waistline are okay, but her face has exploded. When I first saw the picture I thought it was Shandra Rhimes. Poor woman. She seems so angry. That can’t be good for her blood pressure.

  19. Three archetypes at a time says:

    “I think those boys are good for what they’re good for (Wendy Williams, 2012).”

    I LOVE IT.