Wendy’s Next Great Voice: Nicole vs. Monet

Vote Wendy!

We kicked off “Wendy’s Next Great Voice” singing competition and “Wendy Watchers” Nicole Vanessa Ortiz, a 24-year-old overnight security guard and 24-year-old Monet Kendall, an associate dean, battled it out!

Watch Nicole and Monet perform Lady Gaga’s hit song, “You & I” and see who the studio audience voted for as their favorite!

Then, tune-in on Friday, November 16th when two finalists will compete for a chance to win a recording demo from music producer Vincent Herbert!

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  1. Martini says:

    Nicole was NOT the better singer….. she had a better presentation. Monet needs an image consultant…..

  2. JANET says:


  3. omg i vote for both of them to go home that was horrible karaoke at best. And yes wendy if your asking your self if i could do better I can. Maybe it was song choice im not sure either way they both need to get some voice lessons and try again. Where is Simon when you need him.

  4. Patti D says:

    what ever happened to Matthew Flynn I know him to be an extraordinary talent has been on Wendy’s show yet for the Next Great Voice I know he auditioned…??

  5. Rita0956 says:

    I think Monet was better but maybe the fact that Nicole had four people with her made the difference. I think the unbiase audience was half and half and her family made the difference. She was pitchy but she has the better stage presence. Monet was also dress like she was going to waitress as a upscale restuarant. I think Monet won on vocals and Nicole one on stage presence.

  6. Plz for give my misspelling of words. lls!!!

  7. Dlyric32 says:

    I want to compete how do you tryout? I could beat both girls

  8. Hi Wendy!!!! I waych u everymornig. Big fan n e way. Ur co hosts were tone deaf. BOTH nead more experiance and if you think like i do, your probably asking if I think I can do a better job?? I don’t know that poticular, but with practice or with another song choice. HELL YEA!!
    From a Diva friend, by the name of LaLa35!!
    Love ya for reading!! MUAH

  9. Fabiris says:

    Monet was the better singer. She was on key and had a better pitch. Whoever has to work with Nicole will have to give her voice lessons. Talent has everything to do with preparation. We, as consumers, have everything to do with who is popular and who is not. Use your buying powers to support the images you want to see and hear; stop complaining because in the end the power is yours. The bottomline in showbiz is what sells. Monet you rocked and if singing is what you want to do use this as a platform to motivate yourself to push harder. Good luck, Girl.

  10. Darlene Accoo-Gilliam says:

    Wendy, how can my daughter come and sing?

  11. How do you sign up to compete? Ima guy is it only for girls?

  12. Cheerios says:

    Did you actually think those whites were gonna pick a dark complex Black. Monet was absolutely the best singer. But that’s a prejudice audience that’s why it doesn’t bother them that Wendy talks about people all the time.

  13. Nicole is the TOTAL package. She’s more marketable….Monet looks like someone’s mom. I’m sorry but in the media is very cut throat and it’s a visual market based on tour and concert sales. I’m actually surprised they didn’t find more worthy contestants all together. IJS

  14. Deb says:

    Monet was great. I thought she was better

  15. its not about long hair or being light skin its about working the stage and doing what you do best good luck to nicole im 11 years old i love the windy willams show

    love lexie

  16. carma says:

    Monet was good very unique and strong voice

  17. Brie Pratt says:


  18. d<3r says:

    These two girls were both horrible! Listening to them gave me a migraine. Off key like they were both deaf!