After Show: Good Time Girl

Liberated & Proud!

Whenever there’s a fashion segment on the show, Wendy always tries to wear something to match the trends! Find out why she didn’t wear the dress she said she would in yesterday’s After Show.

Then, Wendy’s making a big announcement next week that has her parents worried, but Little Kev has her back!

Find out what Little Kev did that made her cry!

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  1. Cindeesworld says:


  2. Awww Ms. Wendy How u doin playboy now . oh well do u

  3. Sherl Rehn says:

    Hey Wendy, How You Doin? Child these family dramas sometimes make you want to love them from a distance. It must be the planets but I don’t know but I’m going through the same thing with my family who evidently is not talking to me at all. I’ve always have been strong minded and willed and have always taken care of myself’. All I’m saying is the sometimes you just have to shut them downs!!! So kuddos to you!!!!! What ever the suprise is you are an adult with your own family and just as much as you respect you’re mother, father, and sister. They also need to show you respect too! But you know how your people can be sometimes – HA!HA!HA! I know because your people are my people too!! I don’t think you would do anything to shame or disrespect your family so go ahead girl and do your thing. Love, Always!!! Sherl Rehn

  4. Cathy Sue says:

    Yes I love the wig and thank you Wendy for always doing the aftershow and sharing

  5. porsha from texas says:

    Do your thing no matter what love you wendy.

  6. PEBBLES says:


  7. Dagne says:

    Love love that wig Wendy…the color is beautiful against your complexion. Rock that one again girl. Your suprise sounds like a Playboy picture if so you go girl you only live once so do you boo!!!

  8. Modelmeika says:

    Wendy doing playboy!!!

  9. ariel says:

    suchhhh a teaseeeeee… tell us already i was counting down til nov 1 ;( lol

  10. Char says:

    Guuurrrrllllll….what are you up to? I can’t imagine what it can be that has your family in such a tizzy. Until next week…
    Loved today’s show, especially Soledad and the fashion show.
    I love you for giving us good tv…; )

  11. Yola says:

    She has a huge life and everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

  12. Yola says:

    But Wendy is not your typical talk show host,we all know that and lately(the past two years) she has just been blowing up.

  13. says:

    ,Hi ya B.J.:)

    1) Feel u on wrap dresses that’s why for I enjoy empire dresses better.

    2) My cousin lives in Alaska and she applied for a social worker job that requires travelling by snow mobile, small plane, skies, etc. Try that New Yorkers!

    3) Thanks to your mom in reminding us to let us know that top secret info. Tell her I said, “Wendy is gonna do what Wendy wants to do.” Little Kev is already a man!

    4) Yes I like the wig and I liked your small cross. Amen! 😉

    5) You teaser! Playboy here she comes?

    Love ya for reading. Meli

  14. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, you are such a tease. O.K. here it goes, you are either going to make a record, hence the Vince thing or you are going to appear nude either in a movie or Playboy, hence the weight loss,by the way you do look fabulous. I think you would be great at both. Do a nude music video,lol. Wendy you never surprise me or never disappoint,whatever it is you will always be Wendy Williams Hunter, Kevin’s Mom.
    It seems from what you said, you are lucky to have him and Kevin’s lucky to have you,both of them.
    Is it a wig a day again, you’ve really been changing it up, keeping it fresh.
    Whatever it is Love,love

  15. Frank Adams says:

    C’mon people. Wendy is NOT posing for Playboy!!! Are you Wendy??

  16. Val T. says:

    Um hum, You posing for PLAYBOY, aint ‘cha??!!!

  17. Aleta says:

    Sorry Wendy I am an authoritative parent who disagrees with you about the legalization of POTI think the only people that use it as a gateway drug are weak people…It would generate a lot of revenue that the US needs.Debra Norville is right. Were you afraid that little Kevin would hear you and think you condone it …and maybe start? I smoked for years haven’t gone to anything harder.My son knows I condone it and he has tried it but not used it as a gateway drug. If people are weak they can get hooked on anything.

  18. Shay says:

    Are you posing for playboy?

  19. Oh and BY THE WAY, thank you for finally getting US (the FELLA’s) a ‘How U doin’ t-shirt. I’m ordering mine 2day!! LOL

  20. Great show 2day, Aunt Wendy. Love the after-show chat and loved the hair (great job, Antwon) .. Now, can we please cut the shenanigans —> you are killing me?!??! What is the BIG secret … Lord Jesus, I hope that you’re not about the QUIT doing the show? I feel like I am about to FAINT if that’s what you have up your sleeve. UGH!!!