After Show: Happy Holidays and Hello Weight Gain!


Wendy loved the pumpkin soup that Gail Simmons made on the show and plans to make it on Thanksgiving, but find out why she’s dreading all the delicious holiday food.

Then, Wendy voted yesterday and was surprised by what happened at her polling place.

Plus, Wendy shows us some of her new cardigans for the show and responds to her critics who don’t like the fact that she wears the same dress multiple times.

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  1. ariel says:

    so what if u recycle sometimes u still always look gorg!!

  2. says:

    keep on gurl. I think it was the first season where me and my mom could not stop talking about your nipples, so the grandma has changed all that. Not only could we see your nips but they were uneven. We enjoyed that cuz it’s happended to all of us.
    You nip-ed that in the bud! Ha!
    Love ya for reading. Meli

  3. yeeees, WEND, they send you a voter’s registration card when you register to vote … and everytime you submit a change of address to the board of elections. and i <3 that you are FRUGAL! "WASTE NOT!, WANT NOT!" is my mantra as well…

  4. Rodney says:

    OMG’s Everything & The Cat’s Meow! How You Doin’

    There’s no place like home where you can eat! Thanks for the entertainment!

    Love watching! & shout out to all of you’s @ Wendy!

  5. I CAN NOT COPE with you Aunt Wendy!!! Between the soup and Miss Jane Pittman .. I’m done today. Laughter 2 tears!!!!

  6. Cathy Sue says:

    Well, the fact you re cycle your clothes etc is one of the reasons I love and respect you Wendy. Love the aftershow ~ thank you!

  7. Dee Wms says:

    Wendy, are you still coming to Norfolk Friday??? I want to come to the show!

  8. Yola says:

    Sonya gotcha there Wendy calling us Miss Pittman,why do they send you cards if not to use them, it all sounds shady to me. Mine is always behind my driver’s license. Still love,love

  9. lmontanez19 says:

    Wendy you as always are fashionable and funny! Who cares if you wear the same dresses, you are still looking fab and saving money. HOW YOU DOIN’??

  10. Yola says:

    Hey Wendy, in FL. your ID and your voter’s registration,I don’t how it should be legal any other way. I’ve never read that comment, I personally think it’s great you’re so creative with you wardrobe I try to be too,I may not have the room in my closet though. How come you only bring up the negative things that are said, the positive out weigh them greatly;perfect hair, cute dress, love the shoes, etc. David Hasselhoff was quite charming, he was a good sport w/ everything,he seemed to have a good sense of humor, an nicely put together for a man of a particular age. Love,love

  11. noelster_sf says:

    love ur style, love ur frugality. keep flauting it and ‘work it til the day you die’.

  12. stephanie says:

    love you wendy. loved seeing some of your clothes!

  13. Barbara says:

    Wendy, one problem is how quickly they dropped this idea of IDs on places. They could have done this in 2016 after educating people about the need to get them. Also, the reason some states have early voting and absentee voting is to alleviate the stress on the limited polling stations. Many states tried to limit that time to vote. There was something going on that wasn’t in any way to help voting to be easier for people.

  14. Sonya Page says:

    Yes, Wendy people still carry their voter’s registration card. Now who is Miss Jane Pittman? Your original birth certificate, REALLY LOL

  15. voter registration card?? WHo are you…Miss Jane Piman??? HILARIOUS!!!!!

  16. pat in SF says:

    Wendy Love u and u always look great. Great clothing needs to be recycled. You make investments when buying clothes at least I do and I think u do too. Fades come and go. Make your dollar work for u. Make good investments, choose some fades from VS and your good to go. And as far as gaining weight for the holidaze’ not going there this year. Its to dam hard to take it off! Thanks Wendy u always make me smile.

  17. Renee says:

    People can be so stupid… Everybody has repeated the same clothing before. Haters they cant find anythung else to do or say! Some people have to put others down to build themselves up… Smdh. I love u Wendy I think u are Awsome for who u are. God bless

  18. Genise says:

    I have a hair question. Ever summer for the past forever I have been putting my hair in braids. After my gastric bypass surgery I lost a lot more hair than I used to (due to less protein). I pay special attention to keep it conditioned and I have the braids redone at least 2-3 over the summer. This past summer for the first time my hair feel out much more than usual. I say all that to ask what is another EASY summer style would be. I don’t wear wigs or extensions because my hair already has decent length and thickness. Any suggestions would be helpful as the summer will be here before I know it

  19. Daniel says:

    Very interesting my love :)