Kyle Richards Crank Calls Vanderpump

Vote Wendy!

All month long your vote counts on “Wendy” and you voted for Kyle Richards to crank call her fellow “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” costar Lisa Vanderpump.

Watch what happened when Kyle woke Lisa up early!

Then, Wendy tells Kyle why she thinks there is still tension between her and her sister Kim.

Plus, is Camille Grammer appearing on the show this season? Is she still dating her hot new boyfriend? Kyle gives us the inside scoop!

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  1. This show used to come on 6 p.m. in my local area. Now, it comes on noon and I am asleep during that time. At least I can watch clips of certain guests I want to see.

    Kyle Richards is an attractive lady.

  2. Juana says:

    Damn, I fugged up that blog. What I was trying to say is: Short hair would make you look so much, younger and sexier. The ponytail wig looked more like a short hair do. Think about it. By the way, your body is looking better as well.

  3. Juana says:

    Wendy, this has nothing to do with this show. I just wanted to let you know that I rarely watch your show, but I watched on Wednesday 10/7/12. I thought that your look was fabulous. I know that it was a ponytail, but I the look was “short hair”. I think that you should consider wearing show wigs. It makes you look younger, sexier and definitely more attractive. Just sayN!!!