Are Vince and Tamar Getting Divorced?

It Only Happens Here.

Rumors surfaced recently that Vince and Tamar are selling their house and getting divorced?

Is the lovable reality couple heading for splitsville? Find out what they only told Wendy.

Then, Vince and Wendy make a BIG announcement that could change one “Wendy Watchers” life!

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  1. Alloutmgmt&promotion says:

    will there be a site to go to n inter vince. talent search?

  2. LaTressa says:

    Love ya show and Ilove that you are never afraid to speak out, Idefinitely agree about the marathon. I live in NYC and Iwould like tickets and Iwould like to enter the contest!!!!!!!

  3. Bree says:

    Where do you enter the contest at because I can’t find it… I’m not located in NYC but Im still going to try to enter it

  4. tashamarie88777 says:

    Go Wendy!! I agreed with you 100% about cancelling the marathon. Shame on Mayor Bloomberg. When the people that were devastated by Sandy aren’t worrying where they are gonna sleep, people have the lights and utilities back on, then is the time for a marathon. I know the spirit behind it is well meaning but it’s just cruel to do that to the people. They deserve ALL the resources they can get and nothing less. Wendy always tells it like it is and even if she stands alone in her beliefs. Curiously enough, usually what she says, I am sitting at home and screaming the same thing at the t.v. She says it like she means and I applaud her for it!!!

  5. Cocochynna says:

    I agreed with your comment about the marathon and now they are going to cancel
    Please give more info about the singing contest that You and Vince are going to judge on your nov 12 show

  6. Devon Cortez says:

    Wendy & Wendy staff, I am so super dooper sad that I could not enter in the singing competition because im not located in NYC. I feel as though i’ve missed out on a huge opportunity with Vince. When you say scoured the globe you must have missed me :\'( . Still love you Wendy

  7. TRACKER says:

    wendy ,thanks for speaking aginst the the emt in sttan island said we’re still searching for bodies.I so admire you !mary