After Show: A Little Bit of Sunshine!

The show must go on!

Wendy’s a “Worker Bee” and couldn’t wait to get back on the air after Sandy! Find out why Wendy credits her work ethic with her success in radio and now TV!

Then, Wendy weathered the storm with her family, and ate some mouthwatering food thanks to Jenny McCarthy!

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  1. Sandi D. says:

    How U Doin…?..I’m a little behind in watching the after-shows,so I’m spending this evening doing so..LOL..I absolutely love you in jeans and that hairstyle makes you look even younger than you normally do.Glad you & your family are well..♥

  2. says:

    Thumbs up! Love ya for reading. Meli

  3. Benita says:

    Wendy you are so Beautiful and I Love you and your show. Keep up the good work!! My #1one talk show!!

  4. Thanks Aunt Wendy for your sacrifice to keep us smiling in such a tumultuous and sad situation with the remnants of Hurricane Sandy!! I love you ~ Keep doing what you’re doing …. Making my day, in spite of it all!! You’re such a God send for me some days.

  5. myrna says:

    You look owesome in jeans. Your radiant Wendy!