After Show: Mrs. Hunter Speaking

How You Doin’?

It’s Friday and Wendy tells us what she plans to do this weekend!

Then, find out why Wendy thinks Melissa Etheridge is the real deal and why she’s thankful to have a cool son.

Plus, Wendy shows us the mask she designed to auction off for an HIV/AIDS charity.

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  1. Kayme says:

    Regarding the Friday [November 2, 2012] Wendy show, Wendy, you asked if it’s practical being a virgin in 2012. My answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Maintaining your sexual purity is a worthy and doable standard which is God’s standard for Christians. I’m so sorry that you seem to portray virginity as a negative…..when it is NOT. Being a Christian and living Christian life doesn’t mean that you are perfect, but it does mean that Hollywood’s standards are not your standards. It is easy to do what {it appears} that the masses are doing………but it takes real strength and moral integrity to be strong enough to do what is right. Thanks, for reading my post, Wendy. I will continue to pray for you.

  2. HEY WEND! loved the HAIR today! i can’t wait for the “BIG NEWS”… i think i know what it is, “butt” ima let YOU spill it first :0) HEEEY ‘TWON… HEEEEEY MERRELL!!!

  3. ME TOO!! they just “feel” like cool people to hang out and have coffee & chitty- chat with! especially MERRELL..

  4. Sarah A. says:

    Wendy this hair on you is EVERYTHING. Please keep more of the shorter wigs…. they are very flattering.

  5. Guessedit says:

    She’s changed her mind and getting a breast reduction

  6. sweettee67 says:

    miss wendy, i hope you are ok, due to hurricane sandy, i missed your show yesterday. but i ope you and your family are doing well. Love u :)

  7. Jose Ruiz says:

    I think Wendy is going to go wigless. Go Mrs. Hunter.

  8. myrna says:

    I love your wig wendy! I want to get my haircut like that. i love you & i cant wait to hear what the secret is.

  9. leigh martin says:

    u look better with out the make up and the wig