After Show: Wild Eyed

Jet Lag!

Wendy flew in on the red eye from Los Angeles after interviewing Halle Berry and tells us what it was like meeting one of Hollywood’s biggest stars!

Then, find out who is following Wendy behind the scenes and what she thought about her look today!

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  1. Three archetypes at a time says:

    I HAVE TO SAY AGAIN, WENDY WILLIAMS transitions well from the east coast to the west coast, and back to the east coast. Even though it was a brief visit, this past weekend, the cultures are entirely different. SAME ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, however, but two entirely different cultures [or sub-cultures] of America. This is what makes this particular [Wendy Williams] “After Show” so spectacular for me: seeing the transition, in the talk, in the mannerisms. It’s truly a close-up, in every sense of the term “close-up.”

    Go Wendy!!

  2. love letter says:

    Love me some Halle that is my celeb.idol living dolls to the top and every thing tell her am her biggest fan ever all smile

  3. Rodney says:

    Hey Wendy,
    Nice show & Thanks!
    Love your entertainment * Love watching!
    Shout Out to all of You’s @ Wendy
    You’re Everything!

  4. says:

    Sweet dreams. Meli

  5. Molly says:

    Wendy you are fabulous! That’s all I want to say, that I think you are fabulous! Twice.

  6. Howudoin says:

    We were at today’s show. The 103 yr old woman showed up late. They weren’t sure if she was going to make it.

  7. Val T. says:

    Wendy, Halle Berry, Wow you met my idol!!….Luv ya WENDY!!!

  8. it was weird you didn’t know that the 103 year old woman was in the audience. shouldn’t you have known that?

  9. Go get your rest girl! Then tomorrow it’s back on! lol

  10. Three archetypes at a time says:

    VERY NICE. I like it. I like the candor. The wild eyed-ness along with the small talk. It’s spot on; no gaps. No empty spaces. A true hostess… LOOKING GREAT. The background music; seemly. Everything is intertwined; therefore, I AM intertwined. Inter-twined as in Enter-tained.


  11. Ramon says:

    Hey Wendy, I enjoy your show, as usual. Just a idea…..why don’t you mention [in Hot Topics] the upcoming, all-star tribute to the late, great Whitney Houston that’s going to be airing on Cbs on Tuesday, November 13th. Have a great day! GOD Bless!!