EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Gorga on The Explosive “Real Housewives” Season Finale

It Only Happens Here.

It’s the morning after the explosive season finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and Melissa Gorga is only talking to Wendy.

Find out what Melissa thinks about Teresa setting her up and if she’ll ever be able to forgive her.

Plus, did Melissa ever strip? Is there going to be a cast shakeup next season?

Tell Us: Do you think Melissa and Teresa can ever reconcile?

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  1. piper beaudry says:

    Team Teresa!!!!!!

  2. piper beaudry says:

    Melissa Gorga is a hypocritical snake! And she just made Wendy Williams look like an amateur! Wendy I can’t believe you of all people fell for Melissa the snake Gorga!

  3. Heather says:

    Nobody is jealous of teresa she always is trying to play victim when she is the fakest one of all….all she cares about is lying too make money she was broke and like she said she is scared to be poor and thats why she makes up anything to be on a cover and make money even if that means turning on her own family…..she is selfish and only cares about herself and she knows in order to stay on TV she has too be the villian because if she doesnt cause drama she will be fired duhhhhhhhhhhhh……but she needs to grow up because 15 minutes of fame over ur family is not worth it….They say money is the root of all evil and teresa has proven that to be a fact!!!!!!

  4. pam says:

    wendy i am sooo disapinted in you! im team teresa all the way !! teresa is a strong woman. it takes the whole cast to even try to crack t!! lol!!! also melissa has a degree in pchycology she REALLY knows how to manipulate people she went to college to learn how!! lol!! i cant believe wendy doesnt see right thru miss im so innocent melissa!!

  5. mj says:

    Sorry Wendy, I will not be watching your show tomorrow. I can not stand watching that dizzy chick Teresa. Does she even know how to tell the truth? She’s a dasher. She seems to have her head in the clouds. When and if the truth finally hits her, she is going to be in a world of trouble. My heart hurts for her little girls. Hopefully, they will turn out to be a much better person. Those poor kids. Man, I hope T’s parents aren’t watching this show.

  6. jennie12380 says:

    teresa has had a really rough past couple of years and i find it sad that her own family can’t even understand. when her and her brother were going to therapy, she said how italians don’t believe in it – that basically her family is old school and doesn’t really show emotions. her family could’ve tried harder to support her. also, melissa is FAKE AS ANYTHING. i agree with a previous post that she is manipulative. she’s a disgusting hypocrit. they all are. everyone is coming at teresa calling her all sorts of names, yet they are acting just as bad – well worse bc they act all high and mighty but are really smug B****s. sorry ladies, but your poo DOES stink. you need to grow up

  7. Lisa Ipri says:

    Are u people stupid? Kim D. and the bald headed guy BOTH said Theresa knew the guy was gonna approach Melissa. I was team Theresa until I saw that last episode. Theresa in not a nice person! She is very jealous of Melissa! Melissa is a good hearted person and doesnt deserve to be treated like that! Open your eyes, Wendy did!