Did Mary Mary Ever Want to Split Up?


Gospel singing sister duo Mary Mary are getting real on their new WEtv reality show and gave some straight talk on today’s show.

The last time Mary Mary were here, Erica was pregnant and now Tina is too. Find out if baby #5 was always part of Tina’s plan.

Plus, did Mary Mary ever consider breaking up? Tina sets the record straight.

Take a look and tell us what is your favorite Mary Mary song?

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  1. PN says:

    I saw Mary Mary perform in concert in New Orleans in the summer of 2010! They were very good and sang great too! I noticed those banks of keyboards on stage with their live band but those musicians actually sounded great on those songs, as even as a band with instruments and guitars with their sounds!

  2. How can it not be ” SHACKLES”, PRAISE HIM. Yes everyday, what a wonderful story. Blessed we are for Mary, Mary.

  3. Love Erika and Tina and my favorite Mary Mary song has always been SHACKLES. For Real. It’s the song that made me aware of this dynamic duo. I have come to love many more of their songs since then but Shackles was it for me.

  4. Marie E Ball says:

    Wendy, I watch you every night on BET, you’ve got it going on How you Doin!
    My all time best hit of Mary Mary is: Yesterday I cried my last tear!! That song says a lot, if you listen to the words. It is the BOMB!!!

  5. Carolyn says:

    I love this show ,funny ,ibspirational show most can relate too.we all need humor n our day. Esoeciallysingle parents that need a laugh. I depend on at leasr one funby thung daily at least. Gosh i love to laugh. Thanks wendy

  6. Tyuana says:

    My favorite song is SHACKELS…..all day….

  7. wendy ive been a huge fan since u were on the radio. no this, im not star struck but your show is the best thing since electricity (lol). u keep it REALER than ive ever saw. keep up the good work love. im not lookin forward to new seasons, im expectin them. me and my daughter love u. KEEP KEEPIN IT REAL. im gonna hit you with the p.s.(love u) how come no talk bout LOVE N HIP HOP.